How to Make Candied Strawberries (Foolproof Recipe) — Vicky Pham (2024)

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Summer is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate strawberry season than with a batch of homemade candied strawberries? These delicious treats consist of fresh, plump strawberries coated in a thin, hard candy shell. The candy coating gives the strawberries a glossy, shiny finish and a satisfying crunch with every bite. It’s a fun and tasty way to enjoy strawberries.

What is Tanghulu

Candied strawberries or other candied fruit are also known as Tangulu in China. It is a popular candied fruit snack. They are typically sold by street food vendors on wooden skewers. No need to head to China. Simply make these at home.

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Thermometer and Temperature

To make the candy syrup for these candied strawberries, it is crucial to heat the sugar and water mixture to the right temperature. The best way to ensure that you get the right temperature is by using a thermometer. I like to use an instant-read infrared thermometer so that I don’t need to place it in the syrup nor wait. It’s a fantastic tool.

You need the temperature of the sugar mixture to be within the hard crack range, which is between 300°F - 310°F. I aim for 305°F on my infrared thermometer. On a candy thermometer, you will see the range labeled as hard crack. Once you hit that temperature, the syrup is now ready for coating.

It’s best to get your fruit ready beforehand so that you can coat it in the syrup quickly once it hits the right temperature. If you take too long, the sugar may darken and result in a bitter taste.

Once you coat the strawberry, transfer it to parchment paper or a silicone mat to keep it from sticking. The syrup will harden within a few minutes if done properly.

Do You Really Need a Thermometer?

To ensure that your candied strawberries come out perfect every time, using a thermometer is needed. Candy making is already tricky and having a thermometer increases your chances of success.

However, if you find yourself without a thermometer, don't worry. You can still make candied strawberries. A simple trick to test if the candy syrup has reached the hard crack stage is to use the cold water test.

First, allow the sugar and water to boil for about 10 minutes until it reduces to a thick syrup. Then do the test. Dip a spoon into cold ice water and then dip the spoon into the syrup. If the syrup hardens immediately, you have reached the correct temperature. While this method is not as accurate as using a thermometer, it can still be a useful tool in a pinch.

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Do You Really Need Corn Syrup?

Do you really need corn syrup to make the candy coating? The answer is no. You don't necessarily need corn syrup to make the coating. However, adding corn syrup to the recipe is what makes the recipe foolproof.

I've experimented with making the coating multiple times without corn syrup and found that it doesn’t always work. Sometimes, I would end up with crystallization in my sugar that clumps up into a big ball of mess. I would have to discard the entire batch and start over from scratch.

You can prevent crystallization by adding a different type of sugar which is corn syrup. Corn syrup helps to stabilize the sugar mixture and reduce the chances of crystallization occurring.

If you don’t have corn syrup on hand or do not want to use corn syrup, go ahead and try it without first.

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When to Enjoy Candied Strawberries

It’s best to enjoy these candied strawberries right away or within 4 hours. Otherwise, they will leak and soften. This is to be expected. When hot syrup touches fresh delicate fruit such as strawberries, they will soften over time. The leaked juice from the softened strawberry will slowly melt the hard candy shell. So make them and enjoy them as soon as possible.

Other Fruits to Candy

Don't stop at strawberries. Try this recipe with other fruits like orange wedges, tomatoes, grapes, blueberries, pineapple or any other fruit of your choice. It’s especially great with tart fruits. The sweetness of the candy coating helps balance out the tartness, resulting in a deliciously well-rounded flavor.

Other Ways to Enjoy Candied Fruit

In addition to eating candied strawberries or other candied fruit, they make gorgeous decorations and toppers for cakes, cupcakes, or any dessert that needs a touch of fruity goodness.

How to Clean the Pot

If you're struggling to remove hardened sugar from your pot after making candied strawberries, there's a simple solution: soaking. Simply fill the pot with hot water and let it sit until the sugar melts away. The hotter the water, the quicker the sugar will dissolve. If you are not in a rush, use room-temperature water and let it sit overnight.

How to Make Candied Strawberries (Foolproof Recipe) — Vicky Pham (4)

How to Make Candied Strawberry (Foolproof Recipe) to Make Candied Strawberry (Foolproof Recipe)

How to Make Candied Strawberries (Foolproof Recipe) — Vicky Pham (5)

Yield 3

Author Vicky Pham

Cook time

20 Min

Total time

25 Min

How to Make Candied Strawberries (Foolproof Recipe)

These candied strawberries are fresh strawberries coated with a thin hard candy shell. Working with sugar to make candy is tricky. Achieve that hard candy shell the first time with this foolproof recipe.



  1. Wash strawberries or your favorite fruit. Pat dry with paper towels.
  2. Pierce each strawberry with a wooden skewer or toothpick so they sit at the end of the stick for easy dipping. No more than three on a wooden skewer or one on a toothpick. Set aside.
  3. In a small saucepan, add sugar, water, and light corn syrup. Give it a mix until evenly combined. Heat on medium-high until the mixture reaches 305°F (hard crack) on a thermometer.
  4. Acting quickly, dip strawberries into the syrup, one stick at a time. Tilt the pot at a slight angle so the syrup can pool to one side for easier dipping. You can also spoon the mixture over the fruit. Allow any excess syrup to drip off then transfer to parchment paper or a silicone mat. Allow spacing between the strawberries to prevent sticking.
  5. Strawberries should start to harden immediately and completely harden within 3 minutes. Best to enjoy them immediately or within 4 hours, as they will liquefy over time.


  • If you don't have a thermometer, allow the sugar and water to boil for about 10 minutes until it reduces to a thick syrup. Dip a spoon into cold ice water and then dip the spoon into the syrup. If the syrup hardens immediately, you have reached the correct temperature.
  • Clean-up tip: If you have burnt sugar or hardened sugar in your pan, scrubbing will not work and is a waste of effort. Simply soak the pan in hot water and allow time to dissolve the sugar.

Nutrition Facts




1 g

Sat. Fat

0 g


167 g


3 g

Net carbs

164 g


162 g


1 g


22 mg


0.00 mg

The values provided should be considered estimates. Factors such as brands purchased, natural variations in fresh ingredients, etc. will change the nutritional information in any recipe. To obtain accurate nutritional information for a recipe, use your preferred nutrition calculator to determine nutritional information with the actual ingredients and quantities used.

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How to Make Candied Strawberries (Foolproof Recipe) — Vicky Pham (2024)


Why won't my candied strawberries harden? ›

If you candied strawberries are not hardening, there could be a number of reasons. You didn't cook your syrup to the correct temperature. You must hit 305F. The candy shell is too thick and taking longer to harden.

How is candied fruit made? ›

Though recipes vary, the general principle is to boil, then steep fruit in increasingly stronger sugar solutions for a number of weeks, then dry off any remaining water.

Why is my candied fruit not hardening? ›

The simple answer is that there is too much moisture in your candy. One or more factors could be contributing to this problem. In hard candy making, it is important to cook all the water out of the sugar/corn syrup/water mixture.

Why is my candy not hardening? ›

Always make candy on a cool, dry day. Because candy is made from sugar, and it pulls in moisture from the air, rain and humidity, the cooking time can increase substantially. It also may never set up at all -- the candy will absorb water from the air and turn into syrup.

How do you stick candy eyes to strawberries? ›

Dip one strawberry at a time, then add your candy eyes immediately. Add the candy eyes: Immediately after dipping each strawberry, press two candy eyes into the chocolate. This is a crucial step, as the chocolate hardens quickly, and you want the eyes to stick securely.

Why is my candied fruit chewy? ›

The sugar will be chewy if it hasn't been heated to a high enough temperature. The temperature we want to reach is hard crack. However, if you don't quite reach that you will get a candy shell at soft crack. At this stage, it will set, but with a stick in your teeth, chewy consistency.

What fruits are best for Candying? ›

Candying fruit is the relatively simple process of infusing fruits or citrus peels in a sugar syrup. Grapefruit peel, kumquats, orange and lemon rind, fresh cherries, and pineapple are all good choices for candying.

What is the candied process? ›

Boiling in a sugar syrup consisting of 30% glucose and 70% sucrose: The sugar concentration is increased gradually, from a 14% sugar level to close to 70%. The presence of glucose in the syrup prevents crystallization in the finished product. The sugar content is responsible for preservation.

What is the name of the strawberry hard candy? ›

We always referred to them as "Those Strawberry Candies," or "Grandma's Candies..." but they do have a name. They're called Strawberry Bon Bons! If you've never heard that before in your're not alone.

What is strawberry candy made of? ›

This old-fashioned homemade strawberry candy recipe is made with a scrumptiously sweet combination of strawberry gelatin, sweetened condensed milk, chopped pecans, and sweetened coconut flakes. Rolled in red sugar with a dyed-green slivered almond on top, they look nearly too cute to eat (nearly…).

How do you keep candied fruit hard? ›

To prevent this from happening, always cook the syrup at medium-high heat. Why is my candied fruit not hardening? If you under-cook the syrup, there is a risk of it remaining sticky and not hard (like toffee). To ensure this doesn't happen, ensure the syrup reaches a hard crack (300F).

Why are my chocolate-covered strawberries not setting? ›

Use room temperature strawberries and DRY THEM really well.

Take the strawberries out of the fridge 15-30 minutes before dipping them. Wash them and gently dry them all over with a paper towel. You want to make sure they're very dry, otherwise the chocolate won't set on them properly.

Why is my strawberry puree not thickening? ›

To make your strawberry puree thicker, you're going to want to simmer it for a few minutes. Simmering the mixture reduces the amount of moisture that is in the puree allowing for a stronger strawberry flavor with less liquid.

How long does it take for strawberries to harden? ›

Set chocolate at room temperature and store at room temperature. If you are in a warm climate and need to refrigerate your strawberries to set, then allow 15-30 minutes to harden in the refrigerator, then remove.


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