Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (2024)

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (1)


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This was so good! Flavor was simple, kind of reminded me of eating a very rich pot pie; very filling and comfort like meal. I did have to add pre-cooked chopped chicken (about 2 cups) for the man;-/. I also used chopped frozen mustard greens instead of spinach b/c I already had it in the freezer; worked just fine. I took the advice of other reviewers and almost doubled the sauce (it was just enough). I used oven ready dry pasta noodles and only needed 6 of them. Yes, as others stated, a little time consuming, wouldn't make on a week night, but a definite weekend repeat;-).

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (2)


Rating: 3 stars


Thanks for making me hungry! While I am not strictly vegetarian ( I'll eat anything) these recipes look amazing and I will definitely try them very soon.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (3)


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Used whole wheat pasta and didn't cook them 1st. Instead of the cream sauce, I used a jar marinara sauce, 1/2 jar water, 2 cups of broth, and 28 oz can of Italian tomatoes...didn't use quite all of it, but made sure the noodles had enough to soak up. Used ricotta instead of cottage cheese and topped with fresh mozzarella.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (4)


Rating: 3 stars


Although it was a bit labor intensive to make, I love cooking and didn't mind taking the time to prepare everything. I forgot to add the nutmeg and didn't find the lasagna bland as others mentioned. This could also be because I added shredded, grilled chicken breast. I also used the no boil lasagna noodles but found in places, there wasn't enough of the flour/milk/spinach mixture. Next time I will probably make a bit more to ensure there is enough to cover the noodles. I would definitely make this again.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (5)


Rating: 5 stars


I made this before with lasagna noodles and it was pretty good, but I made it again tonight with phyllo dough and it was awesome! Even my husband, who usually gives the "it's good," said it was delicious!

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (6)


Rating: 3 stars


Warning - this recipe takes A TON of time to prepare and make if you're not using pre-cut, already prepared ingredients. The taste was good, but not that exciting. I'll repeat the advice to bump up the spice quantities. As for the cottage cheese addition - it was good and different but a little odd visually.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (7)


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Not terrible, but a bit bland. Needs some herbs, I think. A lot of prep work and time.

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For a weeknight meal, definitely go with as many pre-chopped ingredients as you can. It will save you chopping fatigue. This was pretty tasty with ricotta subbed in for cottage cheese, and I would certainly make it again, but, as others have suggested, I would up the spices with some red pepper and Italian seasoning. Oh, and 12 servings? If you eat like a goldfish, maybe. If you're making this for company, I'd say 6 as a good guess, as we had two dinner portions and then stretched the leftovers out over four lunch portions.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (9)


This recipe has potential, but seemed very bland. I followed it exactly and I felt it didn't have a lot of flavor. Next time, I will use more spices and maybe use mushrooms instead of zucchini and squash

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (10)


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Not a weeknight meal, but I just assembled the whole thing in the past hour and will cook later tonight. I've made it before and really liked the creaminess and tasty veggies. Today I just added 1/4 cup chopped red pepper as I had some left over. Otherwise followed recipe exactly. In hindsight, I would've probably added some oregano or Italian herbs to the veggie mix.

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This was absolutely perfect. I made 1/2 the recipe in a 8X8 pan and made no changes except to add a dash of crushed red pepper and a sprinkle of a dried herb Italian seasoning to the vegetables. And I do run the cottage cheese in the food processor briefly to make it more of smooth consistency and more like ricotta. Husband and I each at 1/4 of the pan and had the rest for lunch. This tastes creamy,luxurious, and full of flavor. Might add chopped artichoke hearts next time. Those who found it watery probably didn't sufficiently squeeze the water from the spinach. Draining is just not enough for frozen spinach; you have to squeeze it dry.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (12)


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This is way yummy!! I changed up the vegetables (mushrooms and chopped green beans instead of zuccini) but otherwise followed the recipe. It is far too time-consuming to do on a weeknight, but when you have the time to put it together, it is well worth the effort. Husband snarfed it down. Actually got two meals and lunches out of it, so, aside from being deicious, it was time well spent. Definitely will make again.

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This was a great recipe very tasty. I am not a big vegetable lover and was very scared it was not going to be all that great but I was very pleasantly surprised on how good it was. Definitely going to put this in my recipe rotation. The chopping of veggies was a little time consuming but not much more then any other recipe and it made a nice size 9x13 pan. I say the sauteeing of the veggies really give this recipe good flavor. Highly recommend you at least try I think you will love it too.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (14)


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Great lasagna! Chopping all the veggies was a little time consuming. I prepped everything while my son was napping. Lots of flavor! I cooked all the veggies together in a big wok. Husband and 2 year old both loved it! This would be great to take to a friends for dinner or serve your inlaws. I served with Rosemary baguette.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (15)


Rating: 5 stars


Yummy!! This was really good! I only needed 9 lasagna noodles, though. Tastes great!!

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (16)


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Made for a dinner potluck-- everyone loved it and asked for the recipe. Thought the yellow squash would be too much squash, so I chopped up a can (not marinated) of artichoke hearts instead; also threw in some sliced mushrooms with the other veggies. Will definitely make again!

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (17)


Rating: 4 stars


This recipe was very flavorful, filling but not overly heavy and greasy like some lasagnas. Instead of making the milk, flour and parmesan sauce, I bought a jar of roasted red pepper alfredo by Classico (60 calories per serving- not bad for alfredo sauce). I heated it in a sauce pan, once it started to simmer I topped it with a bag of fresh baby spinach, stirring until the spinach had wilted. I cooked the veggies for a little less time than called for (we like our veggies with some crunch). I will definitely make this again. I think it might have been on the bland side without the jarred red pepper sauce.

Rating: 3 stars


Great recipe but I followed the advice of others as follows: 1. Added 1 TB of butter to Garlic/Onion saute and cooked longer. 2. Added kosher salt/pepper/Ital seasoning to zuch/squash and covered for 10 minutes to get soft. 3. Added dash cayenne pepp and 1 TB of olive oil to carrots (to cut sweetness), and covered 2-3 mins to soften carrots. 4. Added brocc with addl oil and butter, covered to soften and added 1/4 tsp kosher salt. 5. Do the spinach/flour in same dutch, add 1-2 tsp garlic salt. THEN... PERFECT! Lotta work = do veggies/cheeses first day, then rest the next day! AWESOME! 5. After veggies were done I

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (19)


Rating: 3 stars


I've totally changed my mind with regard to my original review (preserved below). At first I hated the cottage cheese in the recipe, but I made myself freeze it and finish the rest over time because, frankly, I don't let food go to waste when I'm on a budget! Over time I grew to LOVE the cottage cheese in the recipe. Absolutely delish! For some people, it seems to be an acquired taste, so I've upped my rating from one to three stars. Original: I really question the replacement of ricotta cheese with cottage cheese. The cottage cheese taste was overpowering, truly muting the taste of the veggies. If you replaced the cottage cheese with ricotta, I think this could be quite good.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (20)


Rating: 4 stars


Really tasty, will make this again!

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (21)


Rating: 3 stars


We prefer our veggies, less "cooked". I made the recipe without the precooking (except for onions, I did saute them). Quick and easy and we loved it. Always looking for a way to get my grandchildren to eat veggies-this works! Will do again.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (22)


Rating: 5 stars


I really loved this recipe. It was pretty simple to make - really easy to follow instructions & tastes amazing! It serves around 8, especially if you have men in the mix. Huge winner for me :)

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (23)


Rating: 5 stars


Wow...this was such a hit....not only with my family, but also with a friend who'd had surgery's family, and they are very picky eaters! Definitely a keeper and a staple at our house! Only comment is that I will use a mandoline next time to slice the veggies...otherwise rather time-consuming!

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (24)


Rating: 5 stars


I love this recipe. We have made it several times. I use the processor on the broccoli & chop presliced carrots to speed up the process. We also use a lasagna pan which is 15"x10.5" and they recipe makes large slices for the 12 servings. We always eat 4 slices the week I make it and freeze the rest. Perfect for a quick, healthy weeknight dinner.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (25)


Rating: 2 stars


Hmm...this didn't turn out as well as I expected. It was kind of watery and bland. I think the vegetables needed more seasoning (ie. salt!), even though we added oregano and crushed red pepper as they were cooking. Instead of just flour and milk, I made a quick roux and thickened the milk that way. This lasagna turned out just ok - if I make it again I might try adding more salt, draining the veggies in a colander and maybe adding some chicken sausage or something.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (26)


Rating: 5 stars


I just made this tonight...DELICIOUS! I put 2 teaspoons of Oregano in the Squash/Onion/Garlic mixture and added 1 cup of chopped basil to the spinach mixture...really yummy!

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (27)


Rating: 5 stars


It's a bit time consuming to chop up and saute everything, but it is worth every minute of prep time. I save this one for the weekend.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (28)


Rating: 3 stars


This recipe is great for a single person who likes vegetarian dishes. Make it, cut into 12 pieces, refrigerate two pieces and freeze the remaining pieces individually for later use, either for yourself or if someone should drop in to share. Good taste!!

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (29)


Rating: 4 stars


Much better reheated Day 2 than fresh Day 1! Used a full 15 oz. of low-fat ricotta which was barely enough to cover the noodles. Didn't have "precooked" noodles but usual "no-boil" ones worked fine. The casserole was full to the brim and I was afraid of the foil sticking and pulling off all the cheese, so I waited to sprinkle on the mozz for the final 20 minutes of baking. And next time I'll hopefully remember to use my food processor for all that chopping!

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (30)


Rating: 5 stars


This was a delicious dish for a chilly winter evening. I hadn't made a lasagna in awhile and my family and I are trying to eat more vegetables that meat in the evenings. This lasagna was perfect, it was rich, tasty, and filling. This is a great family dish. The leftovers are even better so next time I'm going to make it in the morning and let it set in the fridge before I bake it.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (31)


Rating: 5 stars


We LOVED it. There is a lot of labor involved, but the result is well worth it. It is best after it sits for a day. I would recommend assembling it on a Saturday or Sunday when you have the time, and then cooking it during the week for dinner. Excellent!

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (32)


Rating: 2 stars


Well, if you eat 1 serving, ONE TWELFTH of the recipe, you will be eating lasagna a little bigger than the size of an average granola bar. That's a lot of work and a lot of calories for so little eating value. I won't eat it with bread, so that means more veggies, a salad I guess, so more chopping.....Doesn't sound worth the effort. I say it should serve six and don't pretend it's diet food for goodness sake!

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (33)


Rating: 5 stars


We LOVED this recipe! Truly, for a veggie lasagna, this is superb. I added more garlic and onions than called for, and cooked the veggies a little longer than called for, and thought it turned out beautifully. Happy cheffing!

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (34)


Rating: 5 stars


We loved this receipe!! I will definitly make it again! I made some of the adjustments that were suggested: ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese and added Italian Seasoning. I also made sure to cook the vegetables through before putting into the mixture. I made this on a Sunday afternoon and put it in the fridge until we ate it on was such a treat!!

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (35)


Rating: 5 stars


We loved this recipe. We cooked it half way, cooled and put it in the fridge for later. The day of the meal it was so easy to just pop in the oven and finish. The flavors just came together, I think because we let it sit a day in the fidge. I'm sure you could freeze it, and then defrost and bake the day you need it.

Garden-Style Lasagna Recipe (2024)


What not to do when making lasagna? ›

Too much between one layer and another will keep you from ever getting a perfect slice. Too little and all you'll taste is pasta. Do not put large pieces of vegetables or meat in lasagna for the same reason as above. To get a perfect lasagna, the filling should be finely sliced or even creamy.

How do you keep veggie lasagna from getting soggy? ›

For this recipe, we help reduce excess moisture by using no-boil noodles, cooking the mushrooms, onion and bell peppers before adding them to the lasagna, and squeezing the liquid out of the cooked spinach with a kitchen towel. You want your veggies as dry as possible so you are not adding more moisture than necessary.

How many layers of lasagna is best? ›

Let me break it to you: If you want to make a lasagna, three layers just won't cut it! For the perfect lasagna, you need at least 4-5 layers to really enjoy all those mouth-watering flavors. And, here's a pro-tip: make sure to season each layer generously, but not too much. The average lasagna has 8 layers!

What is in Olive Garden lasagna? ›

Layers of pasta, meat sauce** and mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan and romano cheese. **Our meat sauce is made with pan-seared beef and Italian sausage.

What makes lasagna taste better? ›

Five Secrets of Building the Ultimate Lasagna
  1. Secret #1: No-Boil Noodles Actually Taste Better. ...
  2. Secret #2: For a Rich Sauce, Use Pork Sausage Instead of Ground Beef. ...
  3. Secret #3: Fresh Mozzarella Actually Makes a Difference.
Jan 6, 2015

Is there a wrong way to make lasagna? ›

The number one reason lasagna turns out soupy is, quite simply, too much sauce. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and this is it. To avoid baked lasagna swimming in sauce, use enough sauce to cover each layer but don't go overboard. Wet ingredients are another reason lasagna turns watery.

Why is my spinach lasagna watery? ›

Spinach lasagna may be watery if the spinach releases excess moisture during baking. To prevent this, use pre-cooked or well-drained spinach. Additionally, avoid overloading the lasagna with too much sauce, and allow it to rest after baking to firm up.

Why is my eggplant lasagna watery? ›

Eggplant won't absorb as much liquid as traditional lasagna noodles do (especially the no-boil noodles that I love), so sometimes eggplant lasagna will turn out a little more watery than a regular version. You can make the eggplant less soggy with these tips: Roast the eggplant first.

Why is my zucchini lasagna watery? ›

To avoid a watery lasagna, make sure to salt the zucchini slices and let them sit to draw out excess moisture, as mentioned in the recipe instructions. Pat them dry before layering in the lasagna. Also, be sure not to overcook the lasagna, as this can also contribute to excess moisture.

What is the correct order to layer lasagna? ›

Begin Layering

After the initial sauce layer, add a layer of pasta sheets, ricotta mixture (or bechamel), sauce, and cheese. Then repeat the layers. Top the last layer of your lasagna with sauce and cheese. You can also alternate layers of sauce and ricotta cheese.

Should the top layer of lasagna be noodles or sauce? ›

There's a lot of discussion around this topic in the lasagna recipe world, but generally most lasagna recipes start with a layer of red sauce, followed by a layer of white sauce, followed by a layer of pasta and cheese. Then you continue with this layering until you have completely filled your tray.

What is the final top layer of lasagna? ›

Finish off your lasagne either with a layer of tomato-based sauce or with your white sauce – whichever you have left – and then grate over plenty of Parmigiano-Reggiano. A common extra topping is torn mozzarella, which makes a lovely, melted cheesy layer on top.

Why add tomato paste to lasagna? ›

A good tomato paste helps to thicken but also adds a sweet and savory umami flavor. Lean Ground Beef: Lean beef adds a robust and hearty meatiness that's essential in a classic lasagna recipe.

Why put toothpick in lasagna? ›

Pro Tip: There's nothing worse than having the top portion of cheese stuck to the foil. To prevent this, I poke 8-10 toothpicks evenly around the top of the lasagna, pushing them in halfway to keep the foil from touching the cheese. Just be sure to count and remove every toothpick prior to serving.

What is Greek lasagna made of? ›

Pastit*io (pastichio/pasticcio/pastizio) is a Greek pasta bake or Greek lasagna made of layers of pasta, a delicious meat sauce, and a topping of creamy béchamel that gives it an extra luxurious silkiness and hearty finish. It's one of those legendary dishes similar to moussaka, but of course there is no eggplant here.

Should you bake lasagna covered or not? ›

If uncovered, the prolonged exposure to heat will quickly dry out your lasagna, no matter how much sauce you've added. Make sure to always add a layer of tin foil over your baking dish, which will trap the moisture inside while still allowing the dish to cook properly.

What makes lasagna unhealthy? ›

What Makes Lasagna Unhealthy? Various ingredients make the lasagna unhealthy, such as the following: Cheese, Pasta, and Rich Sauces. Calories and Carbs.

What makes lasagna soggy? ›

Watery tomatoes aren't the only culprit for soupy lasagna: Oils from cheese and meat and water from lasagna noodles and vegetables can affect your lasagna's consistency.

Why should you not cover lasagna in a metal pan with foil? ›

Aluminum foil is one electrode, and the pan, often steel or different alloy of aluminum, is the second electrode. This causes the aluminum foil to pit and dissolve, and you shouldn't ingest gravy filled with metal ions”.


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