Baby Registry Checklist - (2024)

Expectant mothers eagerly await the moment they will hold their little ones in their arms until birth. This excitement reaches even greater heights as they gather the necessary items for themselves and their little bundles of joy. As the expectant mother’s belly grows, she immediately sets out to shop for cute little jumpsuits and bodysuits, imagining her little one in them.

To have a flawless prenatal period and childbirth, and to confidently address any problems you may encounter, it is essential to make some preparations. To ensure that everything you need and will need is at your fingertips, you first need to create a proper checklist. To make things easier, it’s beneficial to address your needs under two separate headings: one for the mother and one for the baby.

Note: A baby registry checklist awaits you at the end of our post!

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Needs for the Mother

For the expectant mother to have a smooth pregnancy and a comfortable postpartum period for breastfeeding, it’s essential not to neglect personal care. At this point, you can consider both your personal habits and seek advice from experienced individuals around you. We have prepared a guide for you!

  • Especially after childbirth, maternity pads, which can also be used as maternity underwear, are essential. Maternity pads will be very helpful to you after childbirth, especially since they can be torn from the sides and worn as underwear.
  • A nursing bra makes breastfeeding easier for both mother and baby. It’s a more practical and comfortable choice during this process.
  • Clothes should be chosen to fit the postpartum body structure. Maternity underwear, nursing bras, and nursing tops are some of them. Because the first condition for being physically healthy and comfortable is for the expectant mother to be at ease. For this, you should buy tops, dresses, nightgowns, pyjama sets, t-shirts, and sweatshirts made of fabric that doesn’t make you sweat, is cotton and flexible, and has a model that expands from below the chest and doesn’t compress the belly. To maintain your comfort during pregnancy and afterwards, you should also buy clothes such as adjustable and flexible skirts, leggings, tracksuits, and trousers.
  • The comfort of your underwear is as important as your outerwear. From the 1st month of pregnancy, until you prepare your maternity bag and go to the hospital, you should buy enough knickers, tummy control knickers, maternity underwear, corset, dressing gown, nursing bra, nursing pad, and socks. While it’s important for these products to be made of natural materials like cotton and bamboo to prevent sweating, they should also be flexible for your comfort.
  • To ensure smooth breastfeeding, the first thing you need is for your milk supply to be sufficient. Milk booster drinks are the products you need exactly. You should also have a breast pump and milk storage bags/containers to express and store the milk in suitable conditions. To continue breastfeeding your baby safely and comfortably, you should also have a bib for your baby, a nursing pillow and nipple cream for you.
  • We shouldn’t forget the most basic materials needed for the expectant mother to feel good and happy about their personal care. These materials include crack prevention cream for you to easily return to your old form, maternity pads to protect you confidently, a life-saving mother-baby care bag for both long and short trips, a support cushion/pillow for sleep comfort, maternity sleep support pillow, maternity back support belt, and a safe journey with a maternity seatbelt.

Newborn Shopping List

The majority of the materials needed before birth are for your little one. The shopping list for a newborn includes the products you need to buy and have ready before your baby arrives and will need initially. To make shopping easier, it’s beneficial to categorise these products as nutrition, clothing and textiles, bath and care, baby room, vehicle and equipment products.

Baby Clothing

All textile products your baby wears or touches should be made from 100% natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, or linen. The fabric of the product should be flexible, and the model should be wide for your baby to move comfortably.

  • 2-3 sets of 10-piece newborn sets
  • 6-8 jumpsuits with feet
  • 6-8 inner bodysuits
  • 6-8 sleeveless bodysuits
  • 4-5 pairs of trousers with feet
  • 4-5 short-sleeved/long-sleeved bodysuits
  • 5-6 pairs of socks
  • 3-4 sets of 2-piece outfits
  • Swaddling cloth
  • Blanket


  • 2-3 baby bottles
  • 2 bottle cleaning brushes
  • 2 bottle straps
  • 2-3 pacifiers
  • 1 pacifier box/pacifier clip
  • 10 burp cloths
  • 4-5 bibs

Baby Bathtime & Cleaning

You should be very careful when buying bath and care products for your baby’s needs list. The products you buy should be of high quality and contain natural ingredients. They should not contain harmful chemicals, heavy metals, or toxic substances.

  • 2 packs of newborn nappies
  • 3-4 packs of wipes
  • Rash cream
  • Changing mat
  • Brush and comb set
  • Newborn foam shampoo
  • Towel
  • Detergent and fabric softener

Nursery & Safety

  • Crib
  • Bedding set
  • 2-3 sets of sheets
  • 2-3 plush blankets
  • Mattress-duvet-pillow
  • Sheet and mattress protector
  • Changing mats
  • Babyproofing essentials such as corner cushions and locks
  • Clothes hangers
  • Laundry basket

Baby Gear

The most important products for your and your baby’s comfort and safety are a car seat and a travel system baby stroller.

Don’t lose control while preparing your baby checklist!

Excited parents-to-be, eager to hold their little ones, can also experience this excitement and impatience when making their baby checklist. Sometimes, this can lead to unnecessary expenses for a product they will never use or an excessive number of products they will need. Therefore, when creating a baby registry checklist, it’s helpful to divide it into three parts: prenatal, 0-1 year, and after 1 year, according to different developmental characteristics and time frames.

If you’re pregnant and haven’t started preparing yet, our advice is to first meet your prenatal needs when creating a baby needs list.

To access your ultimate baby registry checklist: Baby Registry Checklist
From essential nursery items to adorable baby clothes, this checklist ensures you have everything you need to welcome your bundle of joy with confidence and peace of mind!

Baby Registry Checklist - (2024)


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