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Written By Taylor Schlesinger

The most popular type of camper or RV on the market is a travel trailer and that being said, there are dozens of travel trailer brands to choose from.

Of course, you’ve probably heard of popular travel trailer brands like Airstream and Grand Design, but what you really need to know is which of these top-rated travel trailers are worth the money and which of these brands should you be avoiding.

After traveling the country in our RV full-time, we’ve got the insider experience on exactly what details everyone needs to consider when buying a travel trailer and which upgrades are actually worth having.

Most Reliable Travel Trailer Brands:

  • Airstream

  • Northwood Mfg

  • Lance

  • Outdoors RV

  • Grand Design

  • Casita

7 Best Travel Trailers to Buy in 2024 [+Brands to Avoid] — Nomads in Nature (1)

Best Travel Trailers

After living in a trailer full-time while traveling the country for 2 years we’ve done our research and know from experience exactly what to look for when buying our next camper.

Best Overall: Airstream Flying Cloud

Best Family Trailer: Grand Design Reflection

Best Toy Hauler: Outdoors RV

Best for Off-roading: Opus OP 15

Best for Winter: Northwood Arctic Fox

Keep reading to know all the pros and cons for each of the 7 top-rated travel trailers and jump to Buying Tips for Travel Trailers or Brands to Avoid when buying your next trailer.

Best for: a luxury travel trailer for couples to families that will last for decades and has the best resale value

7 Best Travel Trailers to Buy in 2024 [+Brands to Avoid] — Nomads in Nature (2)

Overall Length: 23’ to 30’ (depending on model)
GVWR: 6000 to 8800 lbs
MSRP: $94,400 to $124,500
Holding Tanks: 37 gal. fresh/37 grey/17 black (model 23FB)


  • best resale value of all trailer brands

  • plenty of layouts to choose from for couples to families

  • most aerodynamic and easy to tow for the size

  • features for those who work remotely

  • upgraded and modern appliances


  • expensive entry price

  • no slides to give extra floor space

  • lower clearance not ideal for off-roading

  • smaller holding tanks than other brands on this list


There isn’t a more iconic travel trailer than the Airstream, and for good reason. No other trailer is going to hold its value, especially not over decades like the Airstream will.

Airstreams aren’t just a collector’s item either, they are actually built incredibly well from the aerodynamic “aircraft grade” aluminum alloy frame to the modern appliances and technology.

The “Flying Cloud” series has more floor plans than any other model and is perfect for couples to families alike. Yes, it is expensive, but no other travel trailer will hold its value like the Airstream. Even the second highest-rated travel trailer on this list (Lance) usually drops 30-50% in price after just 2 years, while Airstream takes 10+ years to drop that much in price.

While you can opt for the less expensive models of Airstream like the Bambi and Caravel, I think their features are lacking for the price and they are only suitable in size for couples. The Flying Cloud comes stock with the front rock guard, a walk-around queen-size bed, larger holding tanks, a tandem axle, a larger fridge, and more cargo-carrying capacity.

View on Airstream

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2. Lance Travel Trailers (all models)

Top Feature: The best quality built trailer for the money

7 Best Travel Trailers to Buy in 2024 [+Brands to Avoid] — Nomads in Nature (3)

Overall Length: 20’ to 30’
GVWR: 4500 lbs to 8900 lbs
MSRP: starting at $45,000 (smallest model)
Holding Tanks: 45 fresh/40 grey/40 black (gal.)


  • built incredibly well and for longevity

  • can buy used for a much better price than Airstream

  • larger holding tanks

  • smaller sizes also have slide options

  • great for winter camping


  • too heavy for most SUVs to tow these trailers

  • not as many layout options for families


Lance has carried the legacy of making top-rated truck campers for decades and since 2009 they have expanded to making travel trailers with the same expert quality.

Lance really goes for the details like making the entire cabinet out of real wood so it doesn’t fall apart on your first road trip (if you know, you know).

While there are a few reasons Airstream stays away from slides on a trailer, Lance is actually one of the few brands that reinforce the slides with quality construction so they don’t leak or jam on you after a year or two of consistent use.

Lance Travel Trailers also come standard with an All-Weather Package for 4 season camping, Goodyear radial tires, tinted Thermopane windows, and a front opening window for stargazing. You can also add the solar package with 190-watt panels, a 1500W inverter, and lithium batteries.

The entry price for most models is going to be less than Airstream, but you won’t find the same resale value as you will with an Airstream. With that said, that also means you can find used 2017-2020 models in great condition for around $25,000-$30,000.

View trailers on Lance

Best for: a high-end and spacious travel trailer for full-time living

7 Best Travel Trailers to Buy in 2024 [+Brands to Avoid] — Nomads in Nature (4)

Overall Length: 33’10” to 37'11"
GVWR: 9,995 lb to 11,295 lb
MSRP: starting at $50,000
Holding Tanks: 54 fresh/86 grey/43 black (gal.)


  • incredible quality and design for the price

  • large 16.4 cubic ft residential fridge

  • washer/dryer prepped

  • slides are in perfect location to feel extra roomy

  • roof-mounted solar panels are standard on select models


  • rig is fairly large to be towing more than once a month

  • bunk models only offer a queen size master bed

  • small holding tanks for families that also plan to dry camp


Grand Design is one of the higher-end RV brands and they somehow can make luxury still affordable.

Their travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers offer the perfect layout for couples and families alike. Grand Design keeps its interior design modern yet classic with a quality-built frame, cabinets, and furniture.

The Reflection series is nice for those who plan to stay in place for longer periods of time given their large bodies, numerous slides, and residential features like the large electric-only fridge.

If you are looking for a travel trailer that is easier to tow and better for traveling more often, take a look at their Imagine series.

The Reflection 312BHTS model seems to be the perfect layout for either a family or remote working couple as the bunkhouse can be converted to your needs.

It offers a fridge that is the same size you’d find in most homes, a washer/dryer option, and 3 slides that open up the living space significantly. Additionally, there is a full entertainment system with a 40” TV, fireplace, and theater seating.

View at Grand Design

Top Feature: best built trailer for cold winters

7 Best Travel Trailers to Buy in 2024 [+Brands to Avoid] — Nomads in Nature (5)

Overall Length: 23’10” to 34’4″
GVWR: 7500 lb to 11,000 lb
MSRP: starting at $52,000
Holding Tanks: 50 fresh/42 grey/35 black (22G model)


  • best built trailer for full-time living in all seasons

  • large holding tanks for dispersed camping

  • Aerodynamic One Piece Front Cap


  • layouts aren’t good for families

  • some interior models look a little rustic


If there is one thing Northwood Mfg is most proud of, it’s their superior construction of travel trailers.

They are one of the very few “true” 4-season travel trailers to withstand RVing in the cold winters and the build there trailers with quality in mind first vs looks.

The aerodynamic, aluminum frame makes a significance difference in lessening trailer sway and drag when you’re towing this large of a trailer.

Additionally, because Northwood prides themselves on quality, you’ll find luxury upgrades throughout like a real porcelain toilet, heated holding tanks in fully enclosed underbelly, Goodyear tires, extremely nice cabinets made with residential frame construction and real wood cabinet/drawer fronts.

A small solar panels comes stock, but we’d recommend the upgrading to add 400 watts of solar panels or the generator if you plan on going off-grid in your trailer.

View floorplans on Northwood

5. inTech RV Terra

Best for: those who like the Airstream but need a more affordable price

GVWR: 7500 lbs
Overall Length: 26’
MSRP: $61,600
Holding Tanks: 44 fresh/39 grey/39 black (gal.)


  • built on an all-aluminum frame

  • Rover models adds 3” lift

  • aerodynamic making it easier to tow

  • off-grid package adds 400W of solar and 200aH lithium battery


  • not enough outdoor storage

  • the bathroom and shower space is tight

  • no bedroom door


If you like the quality, look, and longevity of an Airstream, but don’t want to spend the money, the inTech Terra travel trailers are a great option!

They are made with a high-end all-aluminum fully welded cage frame that is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and incredibly durable.

While small, the multiple wrap around windows and sleek cabinetry make the trailer seem much bigger. Other standards I really like are the heated underbelly and tank heaters, the extremely durable woven flooring, and the two oversized twin bed option.

While there is plenty of cargo carrying capacity, there isn’t much outdoor storage space. Another con is the shower space is very small, but I personally don’t care as I’m not spending much time in the shower when I’m out camping.

The Terra is offered in a smaller 22’ model (Magnolia) and the 26’ model (Willow) . The biggest different is the bed layout and room to walk around the bed.

With either model, I’d recommend going with the Rover package to get +3” of ground clearance, blackout wheels and better tires. Additionally, the off-grid package is very nice as it’ll add 400 watts of solar panels, (2) 100aH lithium batteries, and a 2000W inverter.

Full Details: inTech Terra Willow

Best for: Families who enjoy serious off-road adventures with top-end features

7 Best Travel Trailers to Buy in 2024 [+Brands to Avoid] — Nomads in Nature (8)

Overall Length: 23’
GVWR: 6393 lbs
MSRP: $59,900
Holding Tanks: 60 fresh/17 grey/10 black (gal.)


  • best off-road capabilities and upgrades

  • huge freshwater tank

  • 300 watts roof-mounted solar panels

  • king size master bed and twin bunk beds


  • kitchen is outside

  • only walls for separation are for the bathroom

  • longer setup time


This travel trailer was specifically designed to be the best off-road trailer for a family of four.

Between the king-size bed, twin bunk beds, full bathroom, and complete kitchen setup you aren’t going to be missing out on much.

When towing off-road, you cannot beat having the OP15’s galvanized and welded stainless steel chassis, a trailing arm suspension with dual shock absorbers, stone guard, and two spare full-size tires.

Knowing families will be going off-road and therefore off-grid, the OP 15 comes stock with 300 watts of solar mounted on the roof and 3x 100ah AGM batteries or you can upgrade to Lithium batteries (which we highly recommend).

While an outdoor kitchen isn’t as ideal this one at least comes fully loaded with a slide-out 4-burner stove, sink, prep deck, a lockable pantry, and a 12v (75gal) Fridge/Freezer combo.

SOON! The new 2024 OP16 will be on the market and has an indoor kitchen

This trailer does offer many amenities and an expanding footprint that most off-road trailers don’t, but it does mean the setup and breakdown are going to take longer. Personally, I do think it’s worth the added time and effort.

View on Opus

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Best for: those wanting to haul toys and need a durable trailer for off-road adventures

7 Best Travel Trailers to Buy in 2024 [+Brands to Avoid] — Nomads in Nature (9)

Overall Length: 33’2”
GVWR: 13,995 lb
MSRP: $75,000
Holding Tanks: 100 fresh/65 grey/40 black (gal.)
Fuel Tank: 40 gallons


  • extremely durable and built for the off-road

  • a “true” 4-season weather package

  • roof-mounted 170 watt solar panel comes standard

  • 8’x11’ storage space for side by side or motorcycles


  • smaller company that cannot produce as many

  • semi-outdated interior design

  • no slides to give a larger living space


Outdoors RV is a fairly new Oregon-based company that started in 2009, but they have quickly made a name for itself as being built incredibly well.

They specifically set out to create the best travel trailers that are designed for the rugged mountain states and western Canada. Meaning they have a true 4-season weather package to withstand harsh winters and come standard with high-end 16″ G range GoodYear tires, an off-road x4 MorRyde suspension, and 6800lb axles to give you peace of mind when going off the beaten path.

When it comes to fun, you can easily load up your toys on the non-slip ramp and you’ll be all set with the onboard Cummins Onan 4K Generator and 40 gallon fuel station.

Once you’re at camp, turn the ramp into a fully surrounded patio with its own entry step and rear awning.

And if you are worried about having to close up the patio every time you leave the trailer behind, no need, as this model is built with a sliding rear patio door with a tint and lock.

View on Outdoor RV

Travel Trailer Brands to Avoid

If you’re in the market for a new RV, you will do best by avoiding travel trailers made by Palomino and the RV giant known as Forest River.

Keep in mind Forest River also owns and makes 45+ additional trailer brands like Cherokee, Rockwood, Wolf Pup, and R-pod which I would also stay away from. It goes without saying quantity far surpasses quality for the Forest River brand.

I know the affordable price tag for most of their travel trailers can be attractive, but these are the travel trailers I see people regret buying as they tend to break down after a year and don’t hold their value after two years.

I’d also recommend staying away from travel trailer models with terms like “ultra-lite” or “half-ton” as usually these are made with more plywood than wood and lower quality flooring, insulation, and paneling to make them lighter while still being larger.

Tips - Buying a Travel Trailer

  • Know your tow vehicle: IMPORTANT! you must know the towing capacity and payload of your tow vehicle before you buy a trailer. Ideally, you want a trailer with a GVWR that doesn’t exceed 85% of your vehicle's towing capacity so you aren’t putting as much strain on your vehicle’s transmission or brakes.

    For example, if your truck or SUV says it has a 5000 lb towing capacity, you will want to aim for trailer with a GVWR of 4250lbs or less. The GVWR will include the weight of the trailer itself, any items or gear you put into the trailer when towing, and the weight of the water in your holding tanks when towing.

  • How much water do you need: most people don’t realize having bigger holding tanks for fresh, grey, and black is a huge benefit when camping.
    Unless you plan to stay at RV parks with full hookups or only camp 2 nights at a time, you should consider having a freshwater tank that holds at least 25 gallons for 2 people. Personally, we average about 2 gallons of water per person per day (from consumption to cleaning).

  • Decide if you’ll need higher clearance: do you plan to go boondocking or down dirt roads with your travel trailer? If so, you are going to want a travel trailer with higher clearance and upgrade to all-terrain tires.

  • Length restraints: Obviously the bigger the trailer the more space and features it can have, but that also comes with a price. The longer the trailer the more complicated it is to park and the likelihood it will sway when towing. Most campgrounds, especially state and national parks, have very few (if any) spots for trailers over 30 feet long. Lastly, if you plan to park your trailer at home when not camping, make sure your HOA doesn’t have restrictions.

  • Explore the trailer in person: go to an RV dealer, or even better, an RV expo so you can physically get inside and test different travel trailers to know what you really need vs want.

  • Make a list of your must-haves: it can get overwhelming when looking at so many different models so create a spreadsheet of the different models you’re interested in and note if they have your wants/needs.

Final Thoughts:

I suggest going into Facebook groups or googling the specific RV you’re interested in to see forums (such as Reddit) of current owners and their thoughts before buying any RV.

There are always bad apples, but if you are reading more bad than good experiences that should be your warning sign.

Feel free to comment below if you have questions about a specific travel trailer brand or model and we’ll let you know if we have any experiences with it to help you in your buying decision.

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7 Best Travel Trailers to Buy in 2024 [+Brands to Avoid]

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7 Best Travel Trailers to Buy in 2024 [+Brands to Avoid] — Nomads in Nature (2024)


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