19 Fun Gender Reveal Games - SneakPeek®️ (2024)

Published on February 24th, 2020 and Updated on January 15th, 2024

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So, You’ve decided to throw a baby gender reveal party! And like the great hostess you are, you want to ensure that your guests have fun. After all, you don’t want to invite everyone over to make a simple announcement about the results of your gender prediction test and just send them packing. No waywhat is a gender reveal party but an opportunity to share hugs, laughs, and commemorate a new life with all your loved ones?

To help liven the event for your party guests, build some suspense, and get everyone involved, check out these inventive games to announce your baby’s gender. You and your guests are sure to love these baby reveal ideas. Choose a fun, interactive gender reveal game sure to make the moment a special one.

A Little Friendly Rivalry

For this first party game (or rather, a series of games), feel free to divide your loved ones into team girl or team boy. It might be helpful to provide them with blue or pink stickers (any small accessory will do) or request that they arrive dressed in the color of their gender guess (pink or blue!).

Once you have team pink and team blue, announce the prize they’re playing for, tally the points as you go, and prepare for some fun with this series of party games.

1. Baby Word Scramble –

A fun game testing who will unscramble the jumbled-up baby-related terms the quickest! If you’re into the DIY-lifestyle, these are easy to create and make free printable copies of, or you can make large poster board-sized ones for everybody to see and call out!

2. Fact or Fiction –

A fun way to take a classic quiz. It’s time to put everyone’s baby knowledge to the test with questions about pregnancy and newborns. Send a representative of each color up to the front to do this game cutthroat style. Or grab a cheap buzzer at a local department store so that boy and girl teams can each buzz in.

3. Guess the Number –

The closest guess for the amount of M&Ms in the baby bottle earns a point for their team and takes home the bottle of candy.

4. How Does That Song Go? –

The number of songs with the word “baby” in them is quite a lot. Discover who the music expert is by chopping out portions of songs where the artist sings “baby,” and whoever can guess the most correctly earns their color a point.

5. Name That Nursery Rhyme –

It may have been a while since you’ve heard one of these. Have everyone test their memory by identifying what nursery song these lines are from.

6. Old Wives’ Tales –

Every mom-to-be has heard an old pregnancy myth. Put your attendees to the test, and see who can tell which is grounded in reality and which are just old wives’ tales.

7. The Price is Right –

The perfect guessing game. When‘s was the last time you had to buy a bib? Or a crib? Each team has to approximate the price of several baby items. Price is Right rules apply, which means if you’re a dollar over, your guess doesn’t count.

You can shower the winning team in confetti, have them walk away with a cute take-home gift, or everyone can win a tasty sweet treat as a thank you for playing!

8. Watch Your Language

Babies are on the brain, but try not to say it! This gender reveal game will definitely be tricky at this type of occasion. A creative way to keep the party game going all day long.

How do you play?

  1. Each guest must be given a clothespin when they enter.
  2. Then, every participant must try not to say “baby” at all throughout the festivities.
  3. Anyone who says “baby” must hand over their pin to their conversational partner.
  4. The guest with the most pins at the end wins!

9. Who’s That Baby

This adorable guessing game will require participants to send you their baby pictures before the party. Then, all you have to do is display each photo and have guests guess who’s who! To make it competitive, number all the baby photos and hand out pens and paper to see who can guess the most correctly– a party idea to get everyone involved!

Let’s Get Physical

Want to keep the competitive spirit going and get everyone’s excitement up? Your guests will need to get on their feet for these active gender reveal party games. If “Pin the Pacifier on the Baby” or “Pink and Blue Cornhole” doesn’t do it for you, try these ideas out.

10. Baby Charades

Charades is a crowd-pleaser. But you’ve never played with these scenarios. Imagine your friends acting these situations out:

  • Pumping milk
  • Changing a dirty diaper
  • Breastfeeding
  • Baby’s first steps

Think you and your posse are Charades Pros? Try these advanced acts:

  • Baby’s first bath, but you can’t seem to get the temperature perfect
  • Changing a diaper and the baby starts peeing on you
  • Pumping milk, but you’ve forgotten the bottles
  • Baby’s first steps, and you’re capturing it on film

11. Diaper Dash

It’s time for the grandparents to dust off their diaper-changing skills. They can be put to the test against other recent parents or even your teenage relatives. Either way, you’re guaranteed an enjoyable time watching some fast-paced, fumbling fingers. You’ll need a few diapers and a fake baby (or make it challenging by using a watermelon).

Little do they know, the winner will be scouted as a prospective babysitter. Fun idea, right?

12. Gender Juice Pong

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you’re not cool, right? You’re hip! You’re with it!

While it won’t be beer, you could still evoke the glory days with a quality game of gender juice pong. You can use food coloring to make the beverages blue and pink or purchase colored cups.

13. Name that Baby Food

While this isn’t a race, noses will be put to the test. Or, the daring may conduct a taste test. Guests will be invited to smell or taste baby food and guess the flavors in this fun game.

DIY… Or At Least Try

Don’t we all miss arts and crafts? Let’s throw it back to the uncomplicated times in our lives and channel our inner child. Adult or kid, these games are appropriate for any age. Maybe everyone should leave their nicest clothes at home because these party ideas might get messy!

13. Baby Face –

Will your baby have your nose? Your partner’s eyes? Your guests can build their best guesses. You’ll need to print out one portrait of you and one of your partner and cut both photos into horizontal strips. Guests then can take the piece with your mouth and your partner’s eyebrows to create one picture. Ta-da! That’s what your baby girl or boy will look like. Every baby portrait is sure to make you laugh.

14. Build a Bib –

It’s your own project runway! Anyone can be a designer with some plain bibs (or even onesies) and fabric markers. From funny puns to cute designs, these articles of clothing have practical use and sentimental value for your baby.

15. The Great Baby Bake Off –

While you might not fit everyone in the kitchen, guests can decorate premade cookies cut out in the shape of onesies or bibs. May the best pastry chef take the cake.

Revealing the Guest of Honor

Now is the time for a bit of flair. But that’s no reason that the games have to stop!

Before you can do the big reveal of the baby’s gender, you certainly need to have the results yourself. For that, there’s the SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test, the only test that lets you know the gender as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy. This revolutionary gender blood test allows each expectant parent to collect their sample at home, send it back, and receive results in 72 hours.

You can see the results from there or hand them off to your designated secret wielder if you want to be surprised at what’s making up your cute baby bump. The gender blood test accuracy can be trusted so that you or your designated secret wielder can plan an appropriately themed party.

The SneakPeek gender prediction test will let you know whether you should buy pink or blue items for the baby’s gender reveal as early as 6 or 7 weeks into your pregnancy. Your close friends and family are as excited to find out as you are (or almost as excited). So, why wait a moment longer than necessary to find out the gender of that little bundle of joy?

That’s a big reveal finale that needs planning.

17. Pop the Belly

Announce your news with a bang. For this gender reveal party game, you’ll need to:

  1. Purchase a board and balloons.
  2. Have your secret keeper fill one balloon with your choice of confetti, powder, or paint.
  3. You and your partner can take turns throwing darts at the balloons.
  4. Wait for the blue or pink filling to deliver the news!

18. Get Silly

While not the cleanest tactic, it sure would make for lively photos. Guests should be given silly string cans with the labels covered. When it’s time, let them spray and shower you in either pink or blue silly string!

19. A Sweet Ending

Not necessarily a gender reveal party game, but another great idea to share your baby’s gender– Everyone will have to come together to solve an epic scavenger hunt. The last clue can be found in the oven. You can then cut open a cake to finally reveal the gender and send everyone home with satisfied bellies and hearts.

Let the Games Begin

Now that you have various gender reveal game ideas to liven up your party or baby shower, you can cross the t’s and dot the i’s with this guide on how to plan a gender reveal party. Plus, you can pick out a very special gender reveal theme to elevate your intimate gathering to a unique and creative level.

As a final tip, don’t forget to take plenty of pictures of every party guest. This once-in-a-pregnancy surprise is the perfect chance to capture the moment for your growing baby to enjoy in the future. Plus, who wouldn’t want picture proof of Grandpa “breastfeeding” in a game of charades? Now, time to get ready for some baby shower planning!


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19 Fun Gender Reveal Games - SneakPeek®️ (2024)


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