105 Brilliant Boy Names That Start With M: for Manly Men (2024)

Mm mm mm, these boy names that start with M sure are marvelous! With mythical, majestic, and mighty origins, we can see why parents would choose this most masculine initial for their new little lads.

Below, you’ll find a whole minefield of manly M names for boys, each with unique meanings and origins to marvel at. You’re bound to find the perfect one for your new little bundle of joy – so keep reading to find the most marvelous male monikers.

  • 16 Manly Male Names That Start With M
  • 13 Majestic Boy Names That Start With M
  • 12 Mighty Boy Names With M Initials
  • 11 Modern Guy Names That Start With M
  • 53 More Marvelous M Names for Boys
  • Boy Names That Start With M FAQs

16 Manly Male Names That Start With M

These masculine M names will be lovely for your little gentleman.

  1. Mac – a Scottish surname prefix meaning “son of,” works great as a short, independent name.
  2. Major – an epic name for a commanding chief.
  3. Manly – a literal “manly” name, this rare choice may mean “man’s meadow, man’s lea.”
  4. Måns – this stylish Swedish name simply means “great.”
  5. Marcus – popular since Roman times, Marcus means “dedicated to Mars,” the god of war.
  6. Mario – a familiar Italian boy name, with the most “manly” meaning.
  7. Marius – a romantic name, derived from the Latin “maris,” meaning “male.”
  8. Mark – a beautifully biblical name and a shorter form of Marcus, meaning “warlike.”
  9. Marquis – from French origins, this regal name refers to a “nobleman.”
  10. Martin – meaning “warlike,” this badass name relates to the Roman god Mars.
  11. Mason – after an occupational surname for a stone worker, a very manly task indeed!
  12. Mertal – meaning “shield,” this is a cool, albeit unique, Kurdish choice among M names for boys.
  13. Metin – a powerful Turkish masculine name for a “strong” and manly man.
  14. Miles – meaning “soldier,” this Latin name sounds trustworthy and noble.
  15. Montgomery – an epic French and Norman name, full of “manpower” in meaning and attitude.
  16. Murtagh – destined for the most adventurous of men, this Gaelic name means “mariner, navigator.”

13 Majestic Boy Names That Start With M

Bow down to these guy names that start with M, each as regal and impressive as the next.

  1. Malik – an Arabic name best bestowed upon a future “king.”
  2. Mandeep – meaning “mind full of light,” this unisex Sanskrit name is one for powerful dreamers.
  3. Máni – after the personification of the moon in Norse mythology, for spaced-out little lads.
  4. Manish – this Hindu name is both spiritual and admirable, meaning “intelligent, God of the mind.”
  5. Manolo – assuredly meaning “God is with us,” this Spanish name sure is heavenly.
  6. Manuel – like Manolo, this gorgeous Spanish name also means “God is with us.”
  7. Mayur – a unique, bird-inspired name of Hindi origin, meaning “peaco*ck.”
  8. Melchior – a radiantly regal name of Polish and Hebrew origin, meaning “king of light.”
  9. Michael – a beloved M name for little angels, whose meaning asks, “Who is like God?”
  10. Michaelangelo – a spectacular name combining two heavenly monikers, great for devoted little angels.
  11. Minh – a famous, revolutionary Vietnamese name, lighting up the room with its meaning of “bright.”
  12. Mohamed – a hugely popular and respectable name internationally, with many spelling variations, meaning “praiseworthy.”
  13. Mosiah – meaning “savior,” this Hebrew boy’s name is a majestic one to behold.

12 Mighty Boy Names With M Initials

These M names for boys are so magnificent, they’re worth marveling at!

  1. Magnus – one of the most powerful Latin boy names with M initials, meaning “great, mighty.”
  2. Mansour – fit for champions only; this Arabic name means “victorious one.”
  3. Mars – the Roman god of war, would make an epic namesake for a lad!
  4. Maximillian – is “the greatest” of Latin boy names that start with M.
  5. Maximus – a variant of Maximillian, offering that cute Max nickname.
  6. Merrick – a winning Welsh name meaning “fame, power, rule.”
  7. Mikołaj – a Polish form of the Greek Nicholas, holding the powerful meaning of “victory of the people.”
  8. Mohawk – a rich name meaning “eaters of men,” used by Native American (Algonquin) tribes for their enemies.
  9. Mordecai – meaning “warrior,” this Hebrew name sounds impossibly tough.
  10. Muhannad – an Arabic boy’s name meaning “sword” or “Indian.”
  11. Murdoch – means “sea warrior,” full of salty power and might.
  12. Murphy – a familiar Irish surname and given name with the badass meaning of “sea warrior.”

11 Modern Guy Names That Start With M

These suave and trendy M names for boys will stand out from the masses.

  1. Macklin – a Scottish-rooted surname, makes an effortlessly trendy choice for a modern man.
  2. Maddox – a very trendy name taken from a Welsh surname, meaning “fortunate, son of Madoc.”
  3. Marley – the sweetest British name, meaning “pleasant meadow” or “boundary meadow.”
  4. Marvel – any superhero-loving lad would adore this epic pick among cool names for boys that start with M.
  5. Maverick – a stylish name for a “nonconformist, independent” little rebel.
  6. McKenzie – a top Scottish surname turned modern given name, traditionally meaning “son of Kenneth.”
  7. Milton – means “mill town,” a charming example of a surname used as a given name.
  8. Mitchell – interestingly, this cool surname, middle, and given name come from the same stem as Michael.
  9. Morey – a modern-sounding variant of the Latin-rooted Maurice, meaning “dark.”
  10. Mors – a grim yet undeniably modern pick and the Latin word for “death.”
  11. Mungo – an affectionate name meaning “my dear,” notably belonging to the patron saint of Glasgow.

53 More Marvelous M Names for Boys

Mine through many more magnificent male names that start with M.

  1. Macario – this international boy name is just so upbeat and positive for a “blessed, happy” little boy.
  2. Madison – a cool, gender-neutral name with Southern flair, traditionally meaning “son of Matthew.”
  3. Makani – a spectacular, gender-neutral name from the Hawaiian word for “wind.”
  4. Malachy – a sweet name meaning “messenger,” belonging to the first native-born Irish saint.
  5. Malcolm – a strong, traditional Scottish name meaning “devoted to Saint Columba.”
  6. Mallory – although perhaps more common for girls, this unisex French name means “unfortunate, ill-omened.”
  7. Malvolio – invented by Shakespeare for a character in Twelfth Night, this shady M name means “ill will.”
  8. Manny – an adorable nickname of various names with that “man” element, such as Emmanuel.
  9. Marcel – means “young warrior” or “dedicated to Mars” in French.
  10. Marek – a Marcus variant most popular in Slavic countries, also for a “warlike” little battler.
  11. Marlon – a smart, unique American name, makes us think of the late actor Brando.
  12. Marlowe – a proper little Old English name, meaning “remnants of the lake.”
  13. Marshall – rooted in Old Scottish, this common surname and given name means “lover of horses.”
  14. Marty – a cool Martin nickname that would suit a new baby as much as a grown-up.
  15. Marvin – an Old English and Welsh name with various interpretations, all with a distinctly “sea”-faring appeal.
  16. Mato – uniquely of Native American (Sioux) origin, Mato has the cuddly-yet-chaotic meaning of “bear.”
  17. Matteo – a cool Italian form of Matthew, or use the more straightforward, Spanish version, Mateo.
  18. Matthew – means “gift of God,” loved by parents as a first or middle name for their beautiful sons.
  19. Mauno – this Finnish form of Magnus adds some foreign appeal to “the greatest” name.
  20. Maurice – a vintage, old man-type of name, meaning “dark, black, or Moorish” in Latin.
  21. Mauro – with Latin, Italian, and Spanish origins, this name means “dark, Moorish.”
  22. Max – a cute, three-letter nickname meaning “greatest” for babies with great power.
  23. Maynard – vintage yet firm, this Norman-rooted name means “hardy, strong.”
  24. Medwyn – meaning “strong friend,” this loveable Welsh name is charming.
  25. Mehul – for a baby born on a drizzly day, this Indian boy’s name means “rain, cloud.”
  26. Meinhard – this German spelling of Maynard seems more intimidating, somehow.
  27. Mena – a strong unisex name with various meanings and origins internationally.
  28. Menzies – a traditional Scottish clan name meaning “to reside,” pronounced “MING-is.”
  29. Mercutio – referring to either the Roman god Mercury or the tragic Shakespearean character.
  30. Merlin – a name from Arthurian legend, making us think of magic, battles, and dragons.
  31. Mickey – an oh-so-fine diminutive of Michael, best for magical mice.
  32. Midas – as the Greek tale goes, King Midas turned everything he touched into gold.
  33. Miguel – a sweet Spanish form of Michael, with a beautiful lilt.
  34. Mika – fun and friendly, this gender-neutral name means “good,” “fragrance,” and “who is like God?”
  35. Mike – a constant hit among nicknames for boys that start with M and a great Micheal alternative.
  36. Mikhail – a smart Russian take on Michael, with a spiky spelling.
  37. Milan – a beautifully “gracious, dear” Slavic name to bestow upon a little love.
  38. Milo – with Old Germanic roots, this “soldier” name sounds pretty modern.
  39. Miloš – a charming Slavic choice with the most virtuous meaning of “gracious, compassionate.”
  40. Mǐn – a sparky Chinese male name element meaning “clever, quick.”
  41. Misha – stemming from Michael, this soft Hebrew name is gentle yet commanding at the same time.
  42. Mohan – perhaps the most irresistible of male names that start with M, meaning “attractive, infatuating.”
  43. Moksh – a stylish Hindi name with the carefree meaning of “freedom, liberation.”
  44. Monroe – or Munro, both Scottish surnames meaning “Irish man, from the River Roe.”
  45. Monty – a Montgomery nickname that sounds fun and familiar when used independently.
  46. Morgan – meaning “of the sea,” this Welsh name is full of merman power.
  47. Moritz – a slick German name derived from Maurice, meaning “Moorish, dark.”
  48. Morris – meaning “dark,” this is a cool choice of a surname-turned-given name.
  49. Moses – one of the most iconic biblical boy names with M, meaning “savior, son, delivered from water.”
  50. Moytoy – a recognizable Native American male name meaning “rainmaker,” belonging to a 1700s Cherokee Emperor.
  51. Muir – meaning “moorland, sea” in Gaelic, a cool nod to the naturalist adventurer John Muir.
  52. Mukul – meaning “blossom,” this Hindi name is one of a few flower-inspired names for boys.
  53. Muriel – a retro, gender-neutral pick among guy names that start with M, meaning “shining sea.”

Boy Names That Start With M FAQs

What Is the Most Popular M Name for Boys?

Mohammed is one of the most popular boy names that start with M internationally, including all its many spelling variations. Matthew, Michael, and Marcus are also very popular, with plenty of other variations in different languages that start with M, such as Matteo, Miguel, and Mark.

What’s a Boy Name That Starts With M, Meaning “King?”

Many majestic male names start with M, but the most kingly options include Midas, after the legendary Greek King; Malik, an Arabic name meaning “king”; and Melchior, meaning “king of light.”

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