100 Modern Baby Boy Names You'll Love in 2024 (2024)

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1 Classic WIth a Twist

2 Strong

3 Nature Inspired

4 Virtues

5 International

6 Mythological

7 Hipster

8 Musical

9 Tech-Inspired

10 Last names

11 Unique

12 One-Syllable

13 Unisex

Classic WIth a Twist

Here are some modern boy names that have their inspiration in a classic, traditional name.

Xander– A fresh and trendy short form of Alexander that adds a modern and edgy vibe to the classic name. Of Greek origin meaning “Defender of the people”

Bennett– A sleek and sophisticated alternative to Benjamin, giving the name a contemporary charm. Of Hebrew origin meaning: “Son of the right hand”

Hendrix– An effortlessly cool twist on Henry, inspired by the iconic musician Jimi Hendrix. Of German origin meaning “Ruler of the household”

Nico– A chic and modern short form of Nicholas, exuding a sense of charm and individuality. Origin: GreekMeaning: “Victory of the people”

Ollie: A contemporary and unique variation of Oliver, bringing a modern flair to this classic name. Of Latin origin meaning: “Olive tree”.

Samson– A strong and powerful alternative to Samuel, evoking a sense of strength and resilience. Origin: HebrewMeaning: “Heard by God”

Theo– A chic and popular diminutive of the old-fashioned name Theodore, perfect for parents seeking a modern and endearing choice. Origin: GreekMeaning: “Gift of God”

Tomlin– A contemporary and stylish variation of Thomas, offering a fresh and distinctive option. Origin: Aramaic Meaning: “Twin”Modern Twist:

Wilkes– A modern and unique take on William, carrying a sense of individuality and modernity. Origin: Germanic Meaning: “Resolute protector”

These modern baby names offer a twist on classic names, perfect for parents looking to infuse their baby boy’s first name with a touch of contemporary flair.


Explore this collection of names that exude power and resilience, perfect for parents seeking strong and daring options for their baby boys.

Maverick– An adventurous and daring name that signifies independence and a free spirit. Maverick is a bold choice for parents seeking a name that stands out and embraces uniqueness.

Hunter– A strong and rugged name evoking images of a skilled and determined tracker. Hunter exudes masculinity and resilience, making it a popular choice for parents looking for a powerful name.

Griffin– A mythical and powerful name with origins in Welsh folklore. Griffin symbolizes strength, courage, and nobility, making it a captivating option for parents who desire a strong-sounding name.

Maximus– Derived from the Latin word for “greatest,” Maximus is a name of grandeur and strength. It exudes leadership and dominance, making it an excellent choice for parents seeking a strong name for their little one.

Titan– Inspired by the ancient Greek gods known for their immense strength, Titan represents power and might. It’s a name that commands attention and admiration.

Axel– A modern and energetic name with Scandinavian origins, Axel means “father of peace.” It carries a strong and determined vibe, perfect for parents seeking a bold and distinctive name. It also makes a great middle name

Ryker– With Dutch roots, Ryker means “rich” or “mighty ruler.” This name exudes strength and leadership qualities, making it an attractive option for parents who want a name with a strong impact.

Phoenix– A name that symbolizes rebirth and resilience, Phoenix carries a powerful and mythical aura. It represents strength rising from adversity, making it a meaningful choice for parents.

Zane– Derived from Hebrew, Zane means “gift from God.” This name has a cool and modern appeal, reflecting a precious and divine gift, perfect for a strong and beloved baby boy.

Roman– As a name that signifies “of Rome” or “Roman citizen,” Roman exudes strength and authority. It has a timeless and classic feel, making it a strong and enduring choice for parents.

Nature Inspired

Embrace the beauty of the natural world with these names inspired by elements of the great outdoors, symbolizing serenity, strength, and connection to nature.

Asher– A Hebrew name meaning “happy” or “blessed,” Asher brings to mind the image of flourishing trees and joyful surroundings, making it a beautiful nature-inspired choice.

River– As clear and flowing as its namesake, this trendy name evokes images of nature’s waterways, representing a sense of tranquility and continuity.

Jasper– With origins in Persian and Greek, Jasper is a gemstone name known for its earthly colors, symbolizing strength and connection to the earth.

Forrest– Inspired by lush woodlands, Forrest is an English name that embodies nature’s bounty and the beauty of the great outdoors.

Sage– A name derived from the English word for the aromatic herb, Sage signifies wisdom and natural healing properties, making it a unique and meaningful choice.

Orion– Named after the prominent constellation in the night sky, Orion represents the awe-inspiring wonders of the cosmos and the mysterious beauty of the universe.

Reed– A nature-inspired name of Old English origin, Reed conjures images of swaying reeds in a serene wetland, reflecting a sense of calmness and grace.

Rowan– With Celtic roots, Rowan is a name that celebrates the resilient and mystical rowan tree, often associated with protection and wisdom.

Canyon– As vast and majestic as the natural wonders it represents, Canyon is an English name evoking the breathtaking beauty of deep gorges and rocky landscapes.

Stone– A solid and enduring English name, Stone signifies strength and stability, drawing inspiration from the steadfast and timeless nature of rocks and minerals.

These nature names draw upon the beauty and significance of the natural world, providing a wonderful selection for parents seeking names that reflect the wonders of nature and their connection to it.


Discover names that embody positive qualities and moral values, reflecting the virtues parents wish to instill in their little ones.

Valor– This name signifies bravery, courage, and strength, making it an excellent choice for parents who admire qualities of heroism and fearlessness in their child.

Noble– Representing high moral character and distinction, Noble is a name that exudes a sense of honor and integrity, making it a unique and aspirational choice.

Justice– A name that embodies fairness and the pursuit of what is right, Justice reflects a commitment to equality and moral righteousness.

Chance– As a name inspired by opportunities and unforeseen possibilities, Chance reflects the optimistic and adventurous spirit of embracing life’s uncertainties.

Honor– This name celebrates dignity, respect, and a strong sense of integrity, embodying the virtues of honesty and ethical conduct.

True– As a name that represents honesty and sincerity, True carries a simple yet powerful message of authenticity and trustworthiness.

Creed– Signifying a set of guiding principles or beliefs, Creed is a name that symbolizes a strong sense of conviction and personal values.

Zeal– A name representing great passion, enthusiasm, and energy in pursuing one’s goals and beliefs, Zeal exudes a fervent and spirited nature.

Justice(mentioned again) – The repetition of Justice underscores its importance as a virtue, representing the moral compass and fairness that parents may wish to instill in their child.

Noble(mentioned again) – The second mention of Noble reinforces its significance as a name that highlights virtues of high moral character and distinction.

These Modern Virtue Names carry meaningful and positive messages, inspiring parents to imbue their child with qualities that represent strength of character, integrity, and a commitment to living a purposeful life.


Journey around the world with these culturally diverse and captivating names, each carrying its own unique charm and significance.

Enzo– This stylish name is of Italian origin and exudes a sense of charisma and charm, making it a popular choice in various cultures.

Kai– With origins in multiple cultures, including Hawaiian, Japanese, and Scandinavian, Kai means “sea” or “ocean,” symbolizing strength and fluidity.

Luca– A widely embraced name of Italian origin, Luca signifies “light” and carries a warm and inviting charm, making it a timeless gem.

Mateo– Derived from the Spanish form of Matthew, Mateo is a Spanish name celebrated for its elegance and meaning, representing “gift of God.”

Arjun– A name of Indian origin, Arjun is associated with the legendary hero of the Mahabharata, symbolizing courage and strength.

Aiden– This Irish name means “little fire,” signifying a strong and spirited nature that captivates parents worldwide.

Hugo– An endearing and classic name of Germanic origin, Hugo exudes charm and sophistication, evoking a sense of nobility.

Leo– With Latin origins, Leo means “lion,” embodying courage and leadership, making it a powerful and captivating name.

Soren– Derived from Old Norse, Soren signifies “stern” or “severe,” carrying a distinctive and strong appeal.

Elio– An Italian name, Elio means “sun,” representing warmth and brightness, and it is gaining popularity globally for its vibrant and modern feel.

These International Gems offer a rich diversity of cultural backgrounds and meanings, making them truly cherished names that resonate with parents worldwide.


Delve into the realm of ancient myths and legends with these unique boy names inspired by gods, heroes, and timeless tales.

Apollo– In Greek mythology, Apollo is the god of music, poetry, and prophecy, associated with light and healing. The name Apollo exudes a sense of artistic and intellectual prowess.

Odin– A prominent figure in Norse mythology, Odin is the chief god, known for his wisdom, war, and poetry. The name Odin carries a majestic and powerful aura.

Atlas– In Greek mythology, Atlas is a Titan condemned to hold up the celestial heavens. The name Atlas represents strength and endurance, evoking a sense of carrying great burdens.

Loki– A mischievous figure in Norse mythology, Loki is known for his cunning and trickery. The name Loki is distinctive and charismatic.

Hercules– In Greek mythology, Hercules is a heroic demigod known for his superhuman strength and courage. The name Hercules symbolizes power and valor.

Orion– In Greek mythology, Orion was a mighty hunter and a constellation in the night sky. The name Orion carries a sense of celestial wonder and magnificence.

Thor– A powerful god in Norse mythology, Thor is associated with thunder, strength, and protection. The name Thor exudes might and resilience.

Zeus– The king of the gods in Greek mythology, Zeus is known for his authority and thunderbolt. The name Zeus represents supreme power and authority.

Ares– The Greek god of war, Ares embodies bravery and battle prowess. The name Ares exudes a strong and fearless demeanor.

Frey– In Norse mythology, Frey is the god of fertility, prosperity, and peace. The name Frey carries a sense of abundance and harmony.

These mythological names offer a captivating connection to ancient tales and legendary figures, making them alluring and powerful choices for parents seeking names with historical and mythical significance.


Embrace individuality and creativity with this selection of contemporary names that effortlessly cool.

Atticus– A name popularized by Harper Lee’s classic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Atticus exudes literary charm and intellectual sophistication, making it a favorite among modern parents.

Beckett– As a name with Irish origin, Beckett carries an artsy and bohemian flair, capturing the spirit of creativity and individuality.

Finn– With both Irish and Scandinavian roots, this boy’s name is short, snappy, and effortlessly cool, representing a laid-back and adventurous vibe.

Ezra– This Hebrew name has gained popularity among hipster parents for its vintage and artistic feel, embodying creativity and artistic expression.

Milo– An up-and-coming name, Milo has a playful and whimsical appeal, making it a favorite among parents seeking something unique and charming.

Jasper– A gemstone name and a hipster favorite, this baby boy’s name exudes a quirky and artistic vibe, symbolizing strength and individuality.

Jude– A name with a timeless and cool sound, Jude has gained popularity in recent years, evoking a sense of musical and creative flair.

Arlo– With a rustic and indie charm, Arlo has emerged as a hipster favorite, exuding a sense of nature and free-spiritedness.

Otto– A vintage name experiencing a revival, Otto carries a sense of retro-cool and old-world charm, making it a unique choice.

Dashiell– With a literary and sophisticated appeal, Dashiell is a name for your little guy that stands out, reflecting the essence of a modern-day wordsmith.

These hipster favorites offer a blend of trendy and distinctive qualities, making them a hit among parents seeking names that break away from convention and embrace a sense of creativity and individuality.


Dance to the rhythm with the following list of musical-inspired names, inspired by legendary musicians and icons:

Lennon– A tribute to the legendary musician John Lennon, this name represents musical genius and timeless artistry.

Bowie– In honor of the iconic David Bowie, this name embodies creativity, innovation, and artistic expression.

Hendrix– Inspired by the incomparable Jimi Hendrix, this name signifies musical brilliance and rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

Zeppelin– Paying homage to the legendary band Led Zeppelin, this name reflects a soaring and groundbreaking presence.

Elvis– A name that celebrates the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis exudes charisma, magnetism, and musical talent.

Marley– A tribute to the reggae legend Bob Marley, this name carries the spirit of peace, love, and music.

Cash– With roots in the country music legend Johnny Cash, this name represents soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.


Embrace the future with these cutting-edge names influenced by technology and innovation, perfect for parents with a passion for the modern world.

Elon– A nod to the innovative entrepreneur Elon Musk, this name signifies ambition, intelligence, and technological vision.

Axel– While not directly tech-related, Axel carries a modern and edgy feel, evoking a sense of technological advancement.

Neo– Derived from the Greek word for “new,” Neo represents futuristic and innovative ideas.

Titan– Inspired by powerful tech companies and symbolizing strength, Titan exudes a sense of dominance and innovation.

Orion– A name connected to the stars and the cosmos, Orion reflects a fascination with space exploration and futuristic aspirations.

Zephyr– This name, meaning “west wind,” embodies a sense of movement and progress, fitting for a tech-inspired world.

Quantum– Reflecting the cutting-edge field of quantum technology, Quantum signifies a world of possibilities and advanced science.

Cypher– As a name associated with secret codes and encryption, Cypher carries a mysterious and tech-savvy vibe.

Aero– Inspired by aeronautics and aviation, Aero symbolizes progress and the future of transportation.

Zenith– Representing the highest point or peak, Zenith embodies aspirations for innovation and technological advancement.

Last names

Step into the contemporary era with these surnames that were once surnames but have transitioned into stylish and sought-after first names.

Jackson– A popular surname turned first name, Jackson is a name that signifies strength and charisma.

Hudson– With a trendy and upscale appeal, Hudson reflects modern sophistication and urban charm.

Anderson– This name carries a classic and distinguished vibe, representing a sense of elegance and refinement.

Bennett– A surname that has transitioned to a stylish first name, Bennett exudes a sense of cool and sophistication.

Cooper– Reflecting craftsmanship and industry, Cooper embodies a sense of skill and artistry.

Carter– A name that represents professionalism and leadership, Carter exudes a sense of authority and responsibility.

Parker– With a trendy and contemporary feel, Parker symbolizes modernity and a touch of urban flair.

Brooks– This nature-inspired name embodies a sense of tranquility and natural beauty.

Harrison– A name that signifies “son of Harry,” Harrison reflects a sense of tradition and timeless charm.

Sullivan– With Irish roots, Sullivan carries a sense of warmth and approachability, making it a popular modern surname as a first name.

These diverse categories offer a wide range of names that cater to various interests and styles, making it easier for parents to find the perfect name that resonates with their preferences and aspirations for their baby boys.


These unique modern names blend contemporary flair with a touch of rare charm. Explore this curated collection of names that promise to set your new baby apart.

Zephyr– Symbolizing a cool breeze, this unique name carries a sense of movement and a unique, modern charm.

Caspian– This unique baby boy name is inspired by the Caspian Sea, evoking a sense of grandeur and mystery.

Cairo– Named after the Egyptian capital, Cairo carries an exotic and cosmopolitan appeal.

Bodhi– A name with Buddhist origins, Bodhi represents enlightenment and spiritual awareness.

Wilder– This nature-inspired name evokes a sense of adventure and untamed spirit.

Kairos– With Greek roots, this unique baby name signifies the opportune moment or perfect timing.

Cove– Inspired by tranquil coastal formations, Cove is a name that carries a serene and contemporary feel.

Aurelius– With Roman origins, this rare name embodies a sense of majesty and regal elegance.

Cassian– A name with a sleek and modern sound, Cassian reflects a sense of sophistication and style.

Alistair– A name with Scottish origin, Alistair combines classic charm with a modern twist.

Ezio– Inspired by the Italian name meaning “eagle,” this unusual name carries a strong and noble quality.

Jaxon– A modern variation of the name Jackson, Jaxon brings a fresh and trendy feel.

Salem– This name has a mystical and bewitching appeal, evoking a sense of enchantment.

These cool baby boy names will leave a lasting impression with their distinctiveness.


Short, sweet, and effortlessly cool, this collection features a range of one syllable boy names perfect for parents seeking simplicity and impact. From strong and bold to soft and charming, discover the charm of these short names:

Cove– Inspired by tranquil coastal formations, Cove is a name that carries a serene and contemporary feel.

Zane– Derived from Hebrew, Zane means “gift from God,” offering a cool and modern appeal.

Nash– A name with a strong and edgy sound, Nash exudes confidence and modernity.

Reeve– With English origins, Reeve signifies a steward or bailiff, evoking a sense of responsibility and authority.

Blaise– Derived from Latin, Blaise means “to lisp” and carries a distinctive and cool vibe.

Kai– With origins in multiple cultures, including Hawaiian, Japanese, and Scandinavian, Kai means “sea” or “ocean,” symbolizing strength and fluidity.

Pax– Derived from Latin, Pax means “peace,” representing a calm and harmonious nature.

Stone– A solid and enduring name, Stone signifies strength and stability.

Pierce– Evoking a sense of sharpness and determination, Pierce is a name with modern appeal.

Jude– With a timeless and cool sound, Jude has gained popularity in recent years, evoking a sense of musical and creative flair.

Quinn– Originally an Irish surname, Quinn has become a gender-neutral name with a modern and stylish feel.

Finn– With both Irish and Scandinavian roots, Finn is short, snappy, and effortlessly cool, representing a laid-back and adventurous vibe.

Cade– This name has a strong and contemporary sound, embodying a sense of modern masculinity.

Wren– A name inspired by the songbird, Wren carries a delicate and unique charm.

Pax– With Latin origins, Pax means “peace,” representing a calm and harmonious nature.

These short boy names provide a sleek and modern option for parents seeking names that are short, distinctive, and impactful.


Explore this diverse collection of names that blur traditional gender boundaries, offering a range of options that are equally fitting for both boys and girls. From names with a touch of elegance to those exuding strength, find the perfect unisex name that celebrates your little boy’s uniqueness and individuality.

Alex– A classic and versatile name, Alex is short for both Alexander and Alexandra, making it a popular unisex choice.

Jordan– With Hebrew origins, Jordan is a unisex name representing the flowing river, symbolizing strength and fluidity.

Sage– A name derived from the aromatic herb, Sage signifies wisdom and natural healing properties, making it a unique and meaningful unisex choice.

Taylor– Originally a surname, Taylor has become a popular unisex name with a sense of grace and sophistication.

Rowan– With Celtic roots, Rowan is a unisex name celebrating the resilient and mystical rowan tree, often associated with protection and wisdom.

Reese– Originally a Welsh surname, Reese has transitioned to a unisex first name, exuding a sense of charm and modernity.

Avery– With origins in Old English, Avery has gained popularity as a unisex name, symbolizing harmony and leadership.

Morgan– A name of Welsh origin, Morgan is a unisex choice that evokes a sense of strength and regal presence.

Skyler– With a modern and trendy appeal, Skyler represents the vastness of the sky and carries a unisex charm.

Cameron– Originally a Scottish surname, Cameron has become a popular unisex name, representing a sense of strength and courage.

Riley– A name with Irish origins, Riley has a playful and contemporary feel, fitting for both boys and girls.

Quinn– Originally an Irish surname, Quinn has become a unisex name with a modern and stylish feel.

Drew– With English origins, Drew is a unisex name representing strength and determination.

Kai– With origins in multiple cultures, including Hawaiian, Japanese, and Scandinavian, Kai means “sea” or “ocean,” symbolizing strength and fluidity.

Eli– Short and sweet, Eli is a unisex name with Hebrew origins, signifying “ascension” or “uplifting.”

These gender-neutral names provide a diverse selection of distinctive and contemporary options for parents seeking something special and extraordinary for their baby boys and girls.

Selecting the perfect modern name for your baby boy is an exciting and important decision.

I hope this list is of stylish baby boy names is a comprehensive source of inspiration to you!

Whether you prefer classic with a twist, nature-inspired themes, or something entirely different, there is a modern name on this list to suit your preferences.

Ultimately, the ideal name is the one that resonates with you and adds a touch of personal significance to their name.

I wish you health and joy on your journey with your new little one.

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