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Living under one roof with a bustling family, especially with children in the mix, can quickly turn your home into a whirlwind of activities. Instead of constantly nagging your loved ones about their responsibilities, there’s a way to keep everything in check—a quickly accessible chore chart.

That’s precisely why chore chart templates exist! These handy tools help you streamline your household tasks. They come with pre-set fields and sections for scheduling, time management, and assigning tasks, all while being totally adaptable to your unique family dynamics. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

To make your life even more convenient, we’ve compiled a list of the best chore chart templates you can snag for free. Let’s see what makes them so great!

Say Goodbye to Chaos: 10 Free Chore Chart Templates for an Organized Household

  • What Is a Chore Chart Template?
  • What Makes a Good Chore Chart Template?
  • 10 Chore Chart Templates to Use in 2024
    • 1. ClickUp Chore Chart Template
    • 2. ClickUp Daily To-Do List Template
    • 3. ClickUp Getting Things Done Template
    • 4. ClickUp Self-Care To-Do Template
    • 5. ClickUp Class Assignments To-Do List Template
    • 6. ClickUp Moving To-Do List Template
    • 7. ClickUp Home Renovation To-Do List Template
    • 8. Canva Daily Chore Chart Template
    • 9. PDF Daily Chores Chart for Kids Template by ThirtyHandMadeDays
    • 10. PDF Chore Chart for Kids Template by PDFfiller

What Is a Chore Chart Template?

A chore chart template is a pre-designed and customizable document that helps you organize and track daily, weekly, and monthly chores and each member’s responsibilities. It is typically used in families, shared households, or classroom settings to allocate chores and ensure everyone involved contributes to smooth task completion. ✅

These templates come in formats like printed sheets, digital documents, or specialized to-do list apps. Using a chore chart can promote teamwork and time management, as well as teach responsibility to individuals, especially children.

Common elements found in chore chart templates include:

  1. List of chores: These can range from simple daily tasks like doing the dishes to more infrequent responsibilities like mowing the lawn or cleaning the garage
  2. Assignees: Each chore is typically assigned to a specific person to clarify who is responsible for what
  3. Schedule: Indicates how often a particular chore needs to be performed
  4. Tracking: Checkmarks and stickers help you mark chores you complete
  5. Rewards or penalties: This could include earning privileges and allowances for completed chores or penalties for uncompleted ones

What Makes a Good Chore Chart Template?

Here are some key characteristics that make a chore chart template effective:

  • Clarity and simplicity: The template should be easy to understand, clearly listing the chore duties and schedule
  • Visual appeal: It should be visually appealing, with elements like color-coding and stickers to make it more engaging
  • Customizability: A good template should allow for customization to suit the specific needs of your household. This includes adding or removing chores, changing assignees, and adjusting schedules
  • Tracking elements: The template should include a space to track and reward accomplishments to keep everyone involved motivated
  • Accessibility: A proper chore chart should be accessible to the whole household. A digital template is particularly convenient for shared access and updates

10 Chore Chart Templates to Use in 2024

Say goodbye to the chaos of household chores and hello to a more organized and harmonious living space! We’ve handpicked 10 free chore chart templates in Canva, PDF, and ClickUp to make your life easier and keep you motivated along the way. Let’s dive into the handy features these templates have to offer! 🏊

1. ClickUp Chore Chart Template

10 Free Chore Chart Templates to Get Things Done | ClickUp (1)

Looking for a smooth way to keep your household duties in check? End your search with the ClickUp Chore Chart Template! It comes with pre-made spaces for your tasks, their designated time slots, the individuals responsible for them, notes to jot down important details, and even rewards for completing the chores. 🎁

Organize housework efficiently with:

  1. Daily Chore Chart: Divided into morning and afternoon sections, sorted by hours
  2. Weekly Chore Chart: Organized by days of the week
  3. Monthly Chore Chart: Sorted by weeks, each including a table with columns for every day of the week

The template includes personal chore charts to help you conquer your day, week, or month and family chore charts to keep everything around the house in sync. Both types have the same structure, with dedicated spaces for tasks and notes. However, the family chore charts include a handy column where you can add each family member’s name to their assigned tasks.

This Doc template is fully customizable to your needs, so include or exclude any section you want. Plus, families can grant access to their members, enabling each member to edit the template. They can mark tasks as completed or add new ones to the list, making it super interactive and user-friendly.

2. ClickUp Daily To-Do List Template

10 Free Chore Chart Templates to Get Things Done | ClickUp (2)

Tired of your daily routine feeling like a tangled web of chaos? Discover the ClickUp Daily To-Do List Template! This easy-to-use Task template is here to assist you in building habits and sticking to them successfully by using nested subtasks and customizable statuses.

Track your daily activities with the following Custom Fields:

  • Where: Note the task’s location, whether it’s the grocery store, a friend’s house, the gym, or your favorite restaurant
  • Category: Classify tasks into career, health & fitness, or chores so you know exactly where your time is going
  • Streak Counter: Track your task or habit streaks
  • Notes: Write down extra reminders or reasons behind any plan changes

For more effective organization, divide your day into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. Then, add nested subtasks for each part of the day. For example, you can create an “Evening Routine” subtask and fill it with to-dos like making dinner, doing skin care, and reading before bed. 🌛

Download This Template

3. ClickUp Getting Things Done Template

10 Free Chore Chart Templates to Get Things Done | ClickUp (3)

The ClickUp Getting Things Done (GTD) Template makes conquering packed schedules a breeze! Based on the GTD system by David Allen, it brings order to your tasks, reduces stress, and boosts process efficiency through a structured approach to managing responsibilities.

This handy Folder template is loaded with Lists and views to ensure clear organization. Use the Inbox list to capture and describe all tasks. Then, estimate how long they’ll take, rate them on the effort scale from one to five, and decide whether they’re actionable.

Prefer visual planning? The template features a customizable Whiteboard with a GTD Flowchart. It comes with guiding questions to help you sift through your tasks and decide if they’re ripe for action. 🎬

You can neatly sort your tasks by applying tags such as home, work, or crafting your very own custom categories. For precision sorting, explore lists like

  • Scheduled on Calendar: Provides a Calendar view for your time-blocked tasks
  • Project List: Ideal for breaking down complex projects and prioritizing tasks
  • Tickler/Someday Maybe: For tasks that you might finish in the future

Customize the template to align with your GTD workflow perfectly. Throw in your Custom Fields and open any list in the Board view to see tasks neatly arranged as Cards on a drag-and-drop Kanban board. This way, you can easily make updates as you go. 📈

Download This Template

4. ClickUp Self-Care To-Do Template

10 Free Chore Chart Templates to Get Things Done | ClickUp (4)

In the midst of our jam-packed schedules, it’s easy to let self-care slip through the cracks. Luckily, the ClickUp Self Care To-Do Template is here to help you prioritize your well-being with a pre-designed layout that makes tracking your self-care routine an absolute breeze. 💆

This template comes with Custom Fields, a handy task list, a Kanban board, and a calendar—all you need to ensure your wellness is on the right track.

Within the Self-Care list view, your activities are neatly organized based on their Wellness Type, like Mind, Body, and Spirit. You can effortlessly monitor your daily or weekly self-care tasks, keeping tabs on their progress using the Custom Statuses. Plus, you can prioritize and manage tasks that might be off-track or on hold.

The Self-Care Calendar steps in to help you stay on top of your schedule. Use it to track your milestones, schedule new activities, and add memos for timely task completion, bringing you one step closer to achieving your wellness goals! 🌼

5. ClickUp Class Assignments To-Do List Template

10 Free Chore Chart Templates to Get Things Done | ClickUp (5)

Teaching carries a heavy load of responsibilities, from class preparation and grading to managing endless administrative tasks. The ClickUp Class Assignments Template steps in, helping teachers oversee their classes, take notes, and plan their academic journey, all within a well-organized central hub. 👩‍🏫

The template includes two separate Folders for the Spring and Fall semesters. Inside each of these Folders, you’ll find Lists dedicated to specific subjects, allowing you to neatly categorize assignments based on their status—whether they’re Complete, To Do, or In Progress.

You can also sort assignments by Assignment Type in a separate list to easily track the number of exams, quizzes, or papers for each semester. You can note important details like due dates, chapters to be covered, and estimated completion times.

Organize your lesson plan and study materials effectively with two Doc views, one for class notes and another for reading notes.

Download This Template

6. ClickUp Moving To-Do List Template

10 Free Chore Chart Templates to Get Things Done | ClickUp (6)

Whether you’re gearing up for a simple relocation or a more complex move, packing and planning can be quite the stress-inducer. But don’t worry—the ClickUp Moving To-Do List Template is your trusty ally in transitioning into your new home! 🏠

This handy template lets you create a checklist of tasks to tackle and keeps a record of what’s already completed. When you open the Task List view, you’ll get a clear picture of the tasks lined up at each stage of the move, neatly categorized in the Moving Stage dropdown field.

You can prioritize and set deadlines for each task or designate individuals responsible for specific tasks. Plus, there’s a progress bar, helping you track your journey with ease.

The Moving Stages board view presents a Kanban board, where tasks transform into cards you can smoothly shuffle across columns to match the stages of your move. Tasks are neatly grouped by the Moving Stage, making it easy to organize them in the preparation phase, on the moving day, or during the settling-in period.

Download This Template

7. ClickUp Home Renovation To-Do List Template

10 Free Chore Chart Templates to Get Things Done | ClickUp (7)

A well-structured project management system for home renovation is the key to controlling costs and sticking to your budget during home improvements. The ClickUp Home Renovation To-Do List Template is your go-to solution for creating to-do lists for pre-renovation and actual renovation tasks. Effectively monitor budgets, project timelines, and contractor details. 👷

Include all the materials required for your renovation projects in the Materials List. That way, you can track the amount of brushes, paint, or tape needed, along with the estimated and actual cost for efficient budget management.

Open the Projects List to streamline the renovation management process with views like:

  1. All Projects List: Displays all your renovation projects, providing essential details like due dates, items needed, the cost of labor, materials, and the project as a whole
  2. Project Stages board: Helps you prioritize projects by providing an overview of all your renovation projects organized and grouped by stages like On-Going and Completed
  3. Calendar of Home Renovation Projects: Gives you a calendar view of all renovation tasks, simplifying the tracking of deadlines and re-scheduling

Give the template a personal touch by customizing it with new Custom Fields. Fill the lists with items you need to ensure you are well-organized and have a cost-effective renovation journey! 🛠️

Download This Template

8. Canva Daily Chore Chart Template

10 Free Chore Chart Templates to Get Things Done | ClickUp (8)

If you’re looking for a simple yet efficient method to keep track of your daily chores, the Canva Daily Chore Chart Template should get the job done. This single-page template offers fully customizable sections to plan your tasks for each day of the week with ease. 📝

The template provides blank spaces for you to list the weekly tasks you need to complete, and there are color-coded circles corresponding to each day. Use these circles to mark the schedule for each specific task.

Every element is editable or replaceable, allowing you to unleash your creativity. Change the colors, replace circles with a different shape, or change the letter font. And if a single page isn’t sufficient for your lengthy list of chores, you can easily add another page and fill it in as needed.

You can save this chore chart template in PDF or as a JPEG, print it out, and hang it on the wall, or use it in digital form for easy updates and link sharing.

9. PDF Daily Chores Chart for Kids Template by ThirtyHandMadeDays

10 Free Chore Chart Templates to Get Things Done | ClickUp (9)

Teaching your kids good habits and the importance of completing chores can sometimes feel like a never-ending cycle of reminders. Luckily, the PDF Daily Chores Chart for Kids Template by ThirtyHandMadeDays is here to save the day.

This template includes spaces for daily logs, with circles in various colors assigned to each day of the week. It’s simple to mark when to complete each task, whether it’s brushing teeth, doing homework, or taking out the trash. Additionally, there are slots at the bottom of the template for weekly chores, perfect for recurring tasks like cleaning or sorting laundry. 🧺

As an added incentive, your kids can look forward to a special reward once they’ve filled in all the bubbles at the end of the week.

10. PDF Chore Chart for Kids Template by PDFfiller

10 Free Chore Chart Templates to Get Things Done | ClickUp (10)

The PDF Chore Chart for Kids Template by PDFfiller is a handy tool for creating personalized chore charts for kids, so you can reclaim some free time while teaching your children personal responsibilities by keeping track of basic chores.

Here’s how it works:

  • Select age-appropriate chores for your child, such as making the bed, setting the table, or feeding the dog
  • Assign each child specific chores according to their age and abilities (if there are multiple children in the household)
  • Establish a task schedule, be it daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Tailor the template to suit your requirements by modifying text, adding new elements, or rearranging pages

Make sure to display this printable chore chart somewhere easily visible, like on the refrigerator or a bulletin board, so it serves as a daily reminder for your kids. To ensure they stick to the schedule, try using stickers or giving out small rewards for consistently completing tasks. 🏅

Stay on Top of Your Chores with a Free Printable Chore Chart Template

It’s a fact that tackling a chore a day keeps chaos at bay, but guaranteeing those tasks are promptly completed ensures a lasting sense of order. With the best free printable chore charts, you can easily plan out and track all your goals and tasks, achieving household harmony with minimal effort!

Never lose your organizational edge, no matter the situation, with access to 1,000+ templates in the ClickUp template library! Dive into a world of ready-made to-do lists, powerful project management tools, and prioritization templates to manage tasks like a pro. 😎

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

10 Free Chore Chart Templates to Get Things Done | ClickUp (2024)


How do you make a good chore chart? ›

What Makes a Good Chore Chart Template?
  1. Clarity and simplicity: The template should be easy to understand, clearly listing the chore duties and schedule.
  2. Visual appeal: It should be visually appealing, with elements like color-coding and stickers to make it more engaging.
Feb 14, 2024

How do you make a rotating chore chart? ›

How to make a chore wheel in seven easy steps
  1. Pick a medium. Decide if you want a physical board, maybe something artsy with colors and stickers, or a digital wheel using one of the many apps out there. ...
  2. List the chores. ...
  3. Get everyone on board. ...
  4. Divide and conquer. ...
  5. Make it visual. ...
  6. Place it where everyone can see. ...
  7. Rotate weekly.
Sep 14, 2023

What is a household chore that has to be done every day? ›

On a daily basis, you can make your bed, tidy up your vanity, put dirty clothes in the laundry and bring any water glasses back to the kitchen. Once a week, you can put your clean clothes away in drawers and on hangers, vacuum the floor, wash your bedding and dust all the hard surfaces.

How many chores should a 14 year old have? ›

Kids in elementary school should be expected to do 10 to 20 minutes of helping around the house each day. You can expect a little more on the weekends and in the summer. Teenagers can do 20 to 30 minutes a day, with bigger chores, such as lawn-mowing, on the weekends.

How do you make an adult chore chart? ›

How Does a Chore Chart Work?
  1. List all the chores that need to be done regularly and post it up somewhere visible in the home. ...
  2. Create individual chore lists that each person keeps separately. ...
  3. Develop a rotation, where each partner is assigned a different daily chore based on the day of the week.
Sep 19, 2022

What is the app that rotates chores? ›

Nizz is a game-changer for anyone living in shared spaces! With its intuitive interface and photo proof feature, assigning and completing chores has never been easier. The app is very useful and simple to use. Perfect to organize chores for roommates/flatmates that have different and busy schedules !!

How do you make chore magnets? ›

Cut small pieces of magnetic adhesive strip and adhere it to the back of each chore card, your children's names, and the “To Do” and “Done” papers and place them on the baking sheet. Put the ribbon through the holes at the top of the baking sheet, tie a bow, then hang your chore chart on the wall.

How do you use a chore wheel? ›

Each day is assigned one, two, or three chores (age appropriate) and each week, a helpful action. You spin the wheel each morning, and designate a certain time of day for your little one(s) to do their chores. It's really that simple and adaptable.

Does Google Docs have a chart template? ›

Open your Google Doc. Select Add-ons > Lucidchart Diagrams > Insert Diagram. Click the “+” orange button icon at the bottom of the panel. Select a suggested organizational chart template to customize or a blank document from the pop-up.

Does Google Docs have a flow chart template? ›

Google docs does not offer flowchart templates. If you'd like to create a flowchart in Google docs, you will need to start from scratch with their drag-and-drop interface. While Google docs offers a seamless way to add a quick flowchart to an existing document, it's not the best solution for complicated flowcharts.

How do I turn a Google sheet into a chart? ›

Make a chart or graph
  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open a spreadsheet in the Google Sheets app.
  2. Select the cells you want to include in your chart.
  3. Tap Insert. Chart.
  4. Optional: To choose a different chart, tap Type. Then, choose an option.
  5. Tap Done .

What are the three least popular household chores? ›

As Americans get started on their spring cleaning, there are some chores they dread more than others. There's a three-way tie for America's least favorite chore, between doing the dishes, sanitizing/wiping the bathroom, and doing laundry (all 14%).

What is the easiest household chore? ›

Easy Chores
  1. Clean Kitchen Surfaces. The kitchen is brimming with surfaces that need to be wiped clean, and each can be tackled in about 30 seconds. ...
  2. Empty Waste Bins. ...
  3. Squeegee Shower Walls. ...
  4. Clean Your Bathroom Mirrors. ...
  5. Look After Pets. ...
  6. Vacuum the Entryway. ...
  7. Clean Touchscreens. ...
  8. Sort Through Junk Mail.

What is considered heavy housework? ›

Heavy Housework may include but is not limited to: Vacuuming that involves moving furniture; Removing extreme clutter and garbage that may be causing health and safety issues; Sweeping & mopping behind and under major appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, washing machines, etc.

How do you write a chores list? ›

A sneak peek list of chores around the house:
  1. Doing the dishes.
  2. Taking out the trash and recycling.
  3. Wiping down surfaces.
  4. Tidying bedrooms.
  5. Sweeping the kitchen floor.
  6. Vacuuming.
  7. Feeding pets.
  8. Making the bed.
Nov 8, 2022

How do I plan my daily house chores? ›

Daily Cleaning Tasks
  1. Make your bed.
  2. Wipe down bathroom counters after getting washed up morning and night.
  3. Empty/load the dishwasher.
  4. Take out kitchen trash (you can skip a day to two if it's not full and doesn't contain food waste)
  5. Do a nighttime sweep to put toys, loose papers, and other stray objects in their place.
Feb 3, 2023

How much should each chore be? ›

So, kids up to 12 or 13 years old might earn up to $1 a week for each year of their age ($10, $11, $12 or $13 per week), while kids 14 and older could earn up to $2 per week per year of their age ($28 and up) depending on how many chores they complete.


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